Party In Sarasota Like It's 1989!

1989 seems like it was yesterday, but 33 years is really a long time.  To put it into perspective, I began 1989 in my late twenties and am now in my early-to-mid sixties. And so many changes have happened since then. We were renting VCR tapes to watch movies and listening to music on boom boxes and walkmans (still using cassette tapes) or on our brand-new CD players (I loved my 5-disc CD changer!).  We were making phone calls on our home phones or any pay phone we could find if we were out. And some of us were lucky enough to have a personal computer, but all you could do with it was to run mostly slow programs installed on its hard drive.   In Sarasota as far as retail goes, Sarasota Square Mall was riding high with a new wing being built and a new anchor store (Parisian). Gulf Gate Mall was still hanging in, having gone through extensive renovations two years earlier and with new restaurants, including TGI Friday’s and Hooters. For department stores, we still had Maas Brothers downtown, Zayre (was now Ames) and the first Walmart in the area had recently been built.  Long time restaurants still in business (though not for long) included Old Heidelberg Castle, House of Chong, Camel’s Den, Hong Kong Kitchen and Western Sizzlin’.  A new Australian-themed restaurant that had recently debuted in Tampa called Outback Steakhouse opened on South Tamiami Trail during the early part of the year. 1989 is also remembered for the dusting of snow we received on December 23rd of that year.  While Sarasota had been growing steadily since the 1960's, it still had a little bit of the old-time feel in the late 80's. But that would soon change due to the rapid growth of the city in the 90's and beyond.

Through all of the changes, there are many business establishments in Sarasota that are still operating in the same location 33 years later, so you can still party, shop or dine like it’s 1989 (aside from the much higher prices)!  Here is a list of some of those (included are businesses with a name change or buildings that have been rebuilt, and businesses closed in 2021):   Note: The list was compiled from the What It Used To Be in Sarasota page, which has been worked on over the past few years and it's not easy to keep up with all of the changing businesses, so it's possible that some businesses listed below are no longer open.

1st Street

1287 - Bijou Café Restaurant (since the early-to-mid 80's) 

17th Street

3251 (unit 10) - Pizza Hut (since the mid-to-late 80's) in the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center

3251 (unit 60) - Jack's Discount Store (since about 1983)

Bahia Vista Street

3434 - Yoder's (since early-to-mid 80's)

3713 - Der Dutchman Restaurant (since 1985 but was Dutch Heritage from 2002 to 2012).

Bay Road

1800 - Sunset Chevrolet (since 1979) 

Bay Shore Road

3701 - Sarasota Jungle Gardens has been a popular Sarasota tourist attraction since 1939

Bee Ridge Road

2043 - Sarasota Radiator Service has operated at this same location since November 1955 

2049 - Jiffy Lube (since about 1989).

2058 - Red Barn Bar (since 1968) 

2108 - Pritchards Pianos (since October 1967) was known as Hammond Studios until the mid 80's. 

2223 - Iverson's Furniture (since December 1959 and called Iverson's Bee Ridge Thrift House in its early years until July 1966).

2738 -  Fred Astaire Dance Studio (since October 1978). 

2819 - Plush Pup Pet Grooming has operated here in this three-to-four unit plaza since the building was constructed in 1976.

3170 - Ace Hardware opened in November 1965 as Bee Ridge Hardware & Lumber. By 1974, it was known as Ace Bee Ridge Hardware.

3690 - Publix Supermarket has been located here since 1973. The store was rebuilt starting in late 2010 and reopened in October 2011.

3828 - McDonald's has been here since July 1977 and was rebuilt in the mid 00's.

4214 - Pinch A Penny Pool-Patio-Spa (since 1985) 

4419 - Classic Printing (since 1987) 

4444 - Dollar General (since the mid 80's) in Palm Plaza 

4511 -  PPG Paints (previously Porter Paints until being rebranded in 2015) has operated at this location since being built in 1982.

5804 - Publix Supermarket has been operating at this location in Centergate Plaza since 1988.

5828 - This has been Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant in Centergate Plaza since 1988.

Benjamin Franklin Drive

233 - Holiday Inn Sarasota - Lido Beach has been in operation since June 1970.

Clark Road

2881 - Dollar General (since the mid 80's) 

3156 - This has been a 7-Eleven convenience store since about 1987. 

3428 - Publix Supermarket has been operating at this location at Beneva Village Shoppes since 1987. The original store closed in December 2018 for a rebuild and reopened in November 2019.

3506 - Walgreens Pharmacy has been operating at this location at Beneva Village Shoppes since 1987.

3900  - Millie's Restaurant has operated at this location since 1988.

5710 - Subway Restaurant has operated here at Sunrise Plaza since about the start of 1988.  

5737 - Waffle House Restaurant has operated here since about 1987.

5741 - Wendy's has operated at this location just off the Interstate 75 exit to Clark Rd. since July 1988.

5745 - A 7-Eleven convenience store also just off the Interstate 75 exit to Clark Rd. has operated at this location since 1980.

5748 - Burger King has operated here also just off the Interstate 75 exit to Clark Rd. since August 1986.

5754 - Mobil and 7-Eleven started as a Gulf service station in 1986. It then switched to Mobil about 1988 for several years and was later closed and then rebuilt in 2005 as a Mobil On-The-Run convenience store. 

Constitution Boulevard

2080 - This has been Casa Italia International Specialty Market since 1984.

Dr. Martin Luther King Way (previously 33rd St. and then 27th St. from 1953 until the early 90's)

1993 - Booth's Grocery has operated here since 1976.

Fruitville Road

2250 - Sarasota Lanes opened its doors in August 1958 and is still operating at the same location today.

3511 - McDonald's has been at this location since September 1979.

Gateway Avenue

6607 - Sarasota Brewing Company (since 1989) 

Gulf Of Mexico Drive (Longboat Key)

412 - Dry Dock Waterfront Grill (since 1989)

Honore Avenue

705 - 7-Eleven (since about the early 70's) 

Main Street

1367 - Art Uptown Gallery (since the mid 80's) used to be Fred Walden Shoes from 1959 until moving next door to 1359 Main in 1974.  It was then mostly vacant from the mid 70's to the mid 80's.

1437 - Estetica by Vanda salon (since the late 80's) used

1488 - A. Parker's Book Bazaar (since 1980) 

1490 - The Gator Club (since 1988) 

1592 - El Greco Cafe (since 1989)

1644 - Coffee Carousel restaurant (since 1966) 

1801 - Michael Saunders Real Estate (since the mid-to-late 80's) used to be the location of Saprito Bros. Fruit Company from late 1940 until 1976.

1802 - Reese Chevron (since 1953 and still pumps your gas!) used to be Hamilton's Standard Service from at least the 1930's until the early 50's.  Below: Reese Chevron in 2006.

1944 - The Main Bar Sandwich Shop (since 1958) used to be The Main Bar going back at least to the mid-to-late 40's at what was then 469 Main St. and since the early-to-mid 50's at this location.

Marina Plaza 

2 - Marina Jack Restaurant (since 1968) used to be Marina-Mar Restaurant from 1963 to 1968.

Midnight Pass Road

6631 - Miguel's Restaurant has operated here in Crescent Plaza since late 1983.

8875 - Turtles Restaurant on Little Sarasota Bay (since 1986) 

9105 - Ophelia's On The Bay Restaurant (since 1988) 

North Lockwood Ridge Road

8320 - Walmart Department Store opened here at the The Centre at University Parkway plaza in 1988. 

North Orange Avenue

322 - Quick Stop Food Store (since the mid 80's)

North Tamiami Trail 

 777 – Van Wezel Theatre (since 1970).

3333 - His Excellence Barber Shop (since the late 70's) 

4014 - Allamanda Motel (since 1956) 

4021 - Cadillac Motel has been operating here going all the way back to 1955.

4108 - Sun Dial Motor Inn (since 1973, earlier known as Sundial Motel) 

4675 - The Bahi Hut Lounge, part of the Golden Host Resort Hotel opened in 1954 (per their website). The hotel itself opened in January 1959.

4703 - Flamingo Inn used to be Flamingo Colony Motel (originally Flamingo Colony Court) from the 1940's until about the early 00's.

6000 - This has been Airport Shell service station since 1969. 

7782 (was 7605) - This has been Pamaro Shop furniture since 1950.

7971 (was 7230) - Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse (since late 1982) 

8164 (was 6999) - McDonald's has been at this location since officially opening in March 1977 

8421 – Captain Brian’s Seafood Market and Restaurant – (The market opened in 1985 and was expanded into a restaurant by 1991) 

North Washington Boulevard 

1093 - Kwikie Printing (since about 1979).

1199 - This used to be an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant from 1980 until closing in March 2021.

1627 - Wendy's Restaurant has operated at this location at the 17th street intersection since about 1986.

1701 - A Sarasota institution for over 60 years, the Hob Nob Drive-In Restaurant opened in March 1957.  

 Ocean Boulevard 

5023 - The Old Salty Dog Restaurant (since the mid-to-late 80's) 

5124 - Davidson Drugs has been at this address since about 1966 after moving from 5207 Ocean Blvd.. 

5208 - Big Olaf Creamery (since early-to-mid 80's)  

5211 - Beach Bazaar (since mid 80's) 

5239- Subway Restaurant in Siesta Beach Plaza has operated here since about 1989.

Ringling Boulevard

2854 - Charlie's Steak & Hoagie Shop (since 1989) 

3000 - Robarts Arena has been operating here since 1967.

St. Armand's Circle 

411 - Columbia Restaurant (since December 1959) 

431 - Café L'Europe Restaurant (since 1973) 

Siesta Drive

2141 - Sally Beauty Supply (since about 1987) 

South Beneva Road

2745 - Mobil and On The Move convenience store used to be Forest Lakes Mobil full-service station from 1976 to 1988. It was then rebuilt into a Mobil self-serve station in 1989.

6980 - Beneva Flowers & Gifts (since 1986) 

South East Avenue

1212 - Michael's On East Restaurant at Midtown Plaza has been here since 1987.

South Lime Avenue

10 - 7-Eleven has at this same location since October 1960. 

South Osprey Avenue

1924 - Morton's Market (since October 1977) 

3416 - Practical Car Rental (since 1981) 

3440 - Siesta Shell Service Station (since 1970) 

South Palm Avenue

69 - This has been Caragiulo's Italian American Restaurant since early 1989. 

South Tamiami Trail  (U.S. 41)

787 - A McDonald's restaurant has operated at this location since late 1981 after moving from 1707 S. Tamiami Tr.. It was rebuilt in the early-to-mid 2010's.  

1281 - Davidson Drugs has operated at this location at Midtown Plaza since about 1981.

1601 –Wendy’s Restaurant in this location was built in the early 80’s 

1700 - Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) has been listed at this address since about 1985.  Previously, it was listed at 1901 Arlington St.  

1725 - Subway (since late 80's) 

2525 - Cabana Inn Motel and Lounge has been at this location since 1958.  The lounge has had various names over the years.

3825 - Johnny's Car Wash opened as South Gate Auto Service in 1959, it would become Johnny's South Gate Car Wash by 1963.  

4131 - Chili's Restaurant was built in 1986

4144 -  Walt's Fish Market and Restaurant (since 1977) 

4227 - Dinettes Unlimited (opened in September 1976 as Mr. Dinette until changing to Dinettes Unlimited in July 1977) 

4410 - Demetrio's Restaurant & Pizza opened in early 1975 

4601 - Honeybaked Ham has operated at this location since about 1986. 

4871 - Sherwin-Williams Paints (since 1978). 

4900 - Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has operated at this location in front of The Landings Shopping Center since being built in 1988.

6018 - Economy Tackle has been here (address was 6024 So. Tamiami until 1962) since November 1949.

6300 - A's Giant Sandwiches has been in this location since the early 80's

6347 - McDonald's opened its second Sarasota location here in 1970 (13 years after the first location was built) and is still operating today, although it was rebuilt and reopened at the end of 2018 

6449 - Eager Beaver Car Wash (since 1977) 

6561 - Marshall's Department Store has been located at Sarasota Pavilion (formerly Gulf Gate Mall) since about 1983.  

6728 - Dan's Fan City (since 1989) 

6747 - Red Lobster Restaurant opened in December 1970 and closed over 51 years later in January 2022.

7110 - Ed Howard Lincoln-Mercury used to be Sarasota Lincoln-Mercury from 1978 to 1982. This had previously been the site of the Fountain Court Motel.

7207 - Outback Steakhouse (since 1989) used to be a Texas Bill's restaurant (1982 to 1983) and Po Folks' Family Restaurant (April 1984 to late 1987) before the original building was torn down and Outback was rebuilt in 2009.

7211 - Located next to Outback, Copenhagen Imports has operated here since August 1983

7221 - AMF Gulf Gate Lanes was called Galaxy Lanes when it opened in 1976 and for the next couple of decades.  

7241 – Goodwill (since 1988) 

7378 - Garden Creations (since 1984) 

7447 - Geier's Sausage Kitchen (since 1982)

7626 - Land of Sleep (since 1978) 

7660 - Waterfront Restaurant operated at this location from the late 1982 to early 1983 time frame all the way until closing nearly 40 years later in April 2021.

7745 - Sunset Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Fiat (since the mid-to-late 80's) 

8037 - Wendy's Restaurant has operated at this location since 1986.

8201 - J.C. Penney became Sarasota Square Mall's second anchor just after the mall's opening in 1977 and is still there over 40 years later.

8383 (111) - This location in the Square South Plaza has been a First Watch Restaurant since being built in 1986.

South Washington Boulevard

300 - PPG Paints used to be Porter Paints for about 60 years before being rebranded (as were all stores in the chain) in 2016. 

 660 - Waffle Stop used to be Waffle Shop from 1954 (moved from 1741 Main St.) to 1992 before moving to the Ringling Shopping Plaza. 

Stickney Point Road  (some businesses from numbers 1200 to 1316 are/were located on parallel Old Stickney Point Rd.).

1200 (Old S.P.) - Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar (since 1981 after two years at 8865 Midnight Pass Rd.).

1265 (Old S.P.) - Siesta Key Marina opened in March 1958 as Siesta Key Marine.

2121 - Firestone Complete Car Care Center (since 1988) 

Superior Avenue

6503 - Bob's Laundry & Dry Cleaning (since the early-to-mid 70's) 

Swift Road

4401 - Swift Auto Repair opened in February 1955 as Swift Road Service Station 

4779 - 7-Eleven (since about 1980).

5604 - Lee's Food Store (since 1987).

5666 - Hot Diggity Dog Restaurant opened in January 1971 and is still here today.

Webber Street

3515 - Farm Stores Convenience Store (since the early-to-mid 80's) 

3527 - The Eight-Ball Lounge (since July 1974) 

3644 - Family Pharmacy has been in operation since January 1975.  

3692 - This has been Domino's Pizza since about 1986.


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