Sarasota FL

Did you ever wonder what the restaurant, grocery store, department store or bank that you shop or patronize while in Sarasota, FL used to be?  Maybe not, but if you have, here are some of them listed by street name and street number (the list will be continuously expanded and updated).  To search for a particular business or street, hit the "Ctrl" key (lower left area of your keyboard) AND the letter "F" key at the same time.  Credit for much of the information goes to the Sarasota County History Center and the archives of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Sarasota Journal. 
Cover Photo: Sarasota restaurants of the past. 

Below: Sarasota signs of the past. 

1st Street
1287 - The Bijou Café Restaurant (since the early-to-mid 80's) used to be a Texaco service station from the 1920's-30's era to the mid-to-late 60's.  In between, it was an art studio in the mid-to-late 70's.
1296 - Umbrellas 1296 restaurant used to be Sherwin's Stork Club children's furniture and clothing store from about 1953 to 1958. By the end of 1958, it became the City Collections Office until about 1967. By 1970, it was The Conversation Piece antiques store until 1976. It then became Gourmet Catering until the late 80's as well as Roz's Restaurant for much of that time.  By 1990, it was Limerick Junction Pub & Club and was later Maximo's Pub and Restaurant and Roast Restaurant among others. Built in 1925, the early history of the building can be found here (credit Sarasota History Alive): The I.R. Burns & H.H. Bell Building
1331 (was 310 W. 7th St. before 1953)- Selby Public Library (since 1998) was built at the former location of a long-time Goodyear Service Store (late 1952 to 1996).  The building was torn down in October 1996 to construct the library while Goodyear moved to a brand new building at 401 N. Lemon Ave. several weeks later. Before Goodyear in the early 50's, a Table Supply grocery store operated at this location.
1426 - This was the location of the Plaza Restaurant (shown below) from August 1928 to August 1974 (it had been renamed as Plaza De Continental Restaurant earlier in 1974).   In early January of 1977, it re-opened as Mr. Roberts Beefeater Restaurant, but changed to Brokerage House Restaurant by the fall of that year until 1979. It then became Merlin's Restaurant until the early 90's and was torn down a few years later in 1997 to make way for new development. 
1544 - This used to be Raul's Spanish Restaurant from 1968 to 1997. It was later Oswald Trippe And Company Insurance.

4th Street
1558 - Built around the 1940's, this two-story former residence became Alley Cat Café from December 1993 until closing in June 2003. The building was torn down in 2004.

12th Street
2031 - Tint Pros used to be a sub and sandwich shop for over 25 years, beginning with Betty Lee's Sandwich Shop in 1971.  It later became Don Quizote's Sandwiches (mid-to-late 70's), Rudolph's Sandwiches (late 70's), Yum Yum Tree (late 70's to early 80's), Subs, Sandwiches & Such (early-to-mid 80's) and Em & Nan's Sub Shop from the mid-to-late 80's to mid-to-late 90's.  After that, it was turned into a Scott Paint store.
2571 - This used to be Stardust Skate Center from the early 80's until closing in 2018.

17th Street
3251 (unit 10) - Pizza Hut (since the mid-to-late 80's) in the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center
used to be T.V. Engineers Of Kensington Park from the late 70's to mid 80's.
3251 (160) - Fat Daddio's Pizza (since 2017) in the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center used to be Honey Crust Pizzeria from about the early-to-mid 80's until 2010.  In between, it was Rico's Pizzeria & Pasta House from 2010 to 2017.  Honey Bees Ladies Apparel was here prior to Honey Crust.
3251 (220) - The former Big Lots (1993 to early 2019 before moving to Town & Country Plaza) in the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center used to be a Sears Surplus Store from the mid 80's to 1993.
3301 - Winn Dixie Supermarket was at this location in the Northeast Plaza Shopping Center from June 1983 to April 2018. It was originally here at unit 200 from April 1963 (as Kwik Chek) to June 1983.
3482 - Maemi's Peruvian Restaurant (since late 2012) in Tallywood Centre used to be Papa Joe's Subs from 1985 to the early 00's.  It then became Springwater Café in 2003 and was later Peruvian Grill II.
3564 - Wet Pets SRQ (since late 2016) used to be a Pizza Hut restaurant from 1979 to about the mid 00's.
3572 - Hungry Howie's used to be a KFC restaurant from 1977 until the mid 90's.
3590 - Realty Services used to be a 7-Eleven store from about the mid 70's to early 90's.

Bahia Vista Street
2045 - The current Blue Moon Grill (since June 2018) and former Roadside Rib Shack used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant from 1962 to 1984 (address was listed as 2031 Bahia Vista from 1962 to 1968). For the remainder of the 80's, it was Yvonne's Fashions and then Just For Fun amusement center.
2253 - Rebuilt into a residential area in the early 00's, this used to be Taylor's Grocery from the mid 50's to the early 70's.  After a short time as Breeze In Market, it became a Quick Stop Food Store from the early-to-mid 70's to the mid-to-late 80's.
3350 - Big Olaf Creamery used to be Pinecraft IGA grocery store from at least 1955 until becoming Yoder's Citgo in 1967. After later being renamed to Hurst's Citgo and Pinecraft Citgo, it became Troyer's Citrus & Produce starting in May 1977 and operating well into the 90's.
3434 - Yoder's Restaurant used to be known as Blue Gate Restaurant from about 1975 to the early-to-mid 80's.  For a short time before Blue Gate in the early-to mid 70's, it was called Pinecraft Eat-n House.  Before becoming a restaurant, a casket dealer (Plank Enterprises) was at this location in the late 60's and early 70's. Photos: Blue Gate Restaurant in 1978 and 1977.

3637 - Circle A Food Place used to be a Circle K convenience store from the mid 80's to about the late 00's. Earlier, it had been Three Suns Food Store in the mid-to-late 60's and a Li'l General Store from the late 60's to mid 80's.
3713 - Der Dutchman Restaurant used to be the location of Yoder's Giant Burger from 1974 to 1976, before becoming Dutch Kitchen from 1976 to 1978 and Wagon Wheel Restaurant from 1978 to 1985. It became Der Dutchman in 1985 (original building was torn down to become a parking lot and a  much larger building was built next door in 1999) until changing to Dutch Heritage in 2002.  It changed back to Der Dutchman in 2012.
3737 (11) - Alma Sue's Quilts used to be the popular Fifty's Diner from about 1994 to 2002. It then became Kreamy Kustard Frozen Delights.  Below: Fifty's Diner

Bay Road
1800 - Sunset Chevrolet (since 1979) used to be Altman Chevrolet from 1965 (moved from Central Ave.) to 1979.  Below: Altman Chevrolet
1902 - Rico's Pizzeria & Pasta House (since 1998) used to be Bagel Inn from January 1978 to 1998.

Bay Shore Road
3701 - Sarasota Jungle Gardens has been a popular Sarasota tourist attraction since 1939.  Below: Entrance sign to Sarasota Jungle Gardens from North Tamiami Trail in the 70's.

Beach Road (Siesta Key)
431 - Condominiums now exist on the site that was the location of the Blue Gentian Restaurant from about the mid-to-late 50's to 1970 when the name was changed to The Inn Between Restaurant until the mid 90's.  It then became the Beach Café.

Bee Ridge Road
2010 - Before being torn down in 1998 to make way for Walgreens, a KFC restaurant was here from late 1974 to the mid-to-late 90's.  Photo: Kentucky Fried Chicken shortly before it's opening in 1974.

2020 -Also torn down in 1998, this was the home of the Pizza Shanty restaurant from the mid 70's to mid 80's.  Previously, from October 1955 to the mid 70's, it had been Don & Eunice's Restaurant  and was later American Sun Out from the late 80's to mid-to-late 90's. Photo: Pizza Shanty as seen through a car window it appears.

2030 - Now containing multiple offices (law, sports medicine, orthopedic), this used to be Dixie Lee Liquors (see below) from 1987 to 1997.  It was also used as a temporary clearance center for Neiman-Marcus in 1998.

2111 - The Eye Associates (since 1992, was also Kantor Eye Associates) used to be a European Health Spa fitness center (1973 to 1981), then Sarasota All-American Fitness Centers from 1981 to about 1989.  Below: Sarasota All-American Fitness Center in 1981 flanked by the "Atlas" statue that was left over from the European Health Spa.

2223 - Iverson's Furniture (since 1958 and called Iverson's Bee Ridge Thrift Shop in its early years) used to be Taylor Furniture in the mid-to-late 50's..
2243 - Video Renaissance (from about the early 90's to September 2018) used to be Betty's What Not Shop, as well as Central Bait & Tackle and Life's A Party novelty shop during the 80's.
2300 (103) - Total Tennis at The Colonnade (since 2012) used to be the Persnickety Cat gift shop from about the mid 80's to 2012.
2407 - S’macks Burgers & Shakes (since 2013) used to be an Amoco service station (Bee Ridge Amoco) in the 50's all the way into the early-to-mid 00's.  The station was rebuilt in the early 70's.
2738 -  Fred Astaire Dance Studio (since 1979) used to be the location of Brookside Grocery from at least the late 40's until 1974.  The store was then torn down and rebuilt as Drury's Hardware in late 1974.
2773 - Tacos - To Go in Frankie's Plaza used to be Frankie's Pizza (home of the "Big Frankie" sub) from 1973 into the early-to-mid 00's.  It later became Aioli Grill Italian Express in 2005, Viva Sarasota Café and San Diego Tacos To Go.
2800 - Swift Shell used to be John Hawk's Sunoco from 1962 to the mid 70's (built in 1960 as Bergreen Sunoco). It continued under various names until switching from Sunoco to Mobil in 1984 into the 90's, becoming a Mobil Quick Lube (see below).  It later became a BP station in the early 00's (as did many other stations in Sarasota) and then Save-On around 2010 before becoming a Shell station.

2819 - Plush Pup Pet Grooming has operated here in this three-to-four unit plaza since the building was constructed in 1976
2833 - Roni's Café (since 2016) used to be a Chicken Unlimited Restaurant from June 1973 to 1984. The Buttery Restaurant opened in 1985 for well over ten years and it then became Dina's Family Restaurant in the late 90's.  Pegusas Greek Restaurant and Fiona's Too were here between the mid 00's and 2016.
3090 - This used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from 1968 until closing 50 years later in 2018.
3170 - Ace Hardware opened in November 1965 as Bee Ridge Hardware & Lumber. By 1974, it was known as Ace Bee Ridge Hardware.
3530 - Gettel Nissan (since 1998) used to be Campbell Motors from 1981 to the early 90's, then was Sarasota Nissan-Jeep.
3571 - Starbucks (since 2001) was a Texaco service station for over 35 years.
3610 - The former Mojave Tan (from about the late 90's to late 00's) at the Village Plaza Shopping Center used to be the second location of Denner Dogs Restaurant in the early 80's.  It became The Pit Stop Restaurant shortly after and then Loomer's Pub tavern from about 1983 to 1989. In the 90's, it was Little Manatees.
3670 - Party City used to be a Walgreens Pharmacy from March 1973 until moving to a new location across the street in the mid 90's.  It later became Big Party Gift Shop and then IParty.
3690 - Publix Supermarket has been located at the Village Plaza Shopping Center since 1973. The store was rebuilt in 2011.
3701 - Denny's restaurant (since 1994) used to be the Cypress Inn restaurant (1976 to 1993). In between, it was a Peg Leg Pete's Restaurant.
3740 -  A bank was built in 2011 on the location that used to be Wag's Restaurant from the mid 80's to early-to-mid 90's and Mel's Diner from the mid-90's to 2008.
3750 - Big Lots (since about 2003) used to be a Woolco department store (1974 to early 1983). It then became a House Works store (1983 to 1987) and Service Merchandise catalog store (late 80's to 2002).  Below: The parking lot is full at Woolco on Bee Ridge Rd. in March 1974 for opening day.
3762 -Crunch Fitness (since 2012) in Village Plaza used to be a Rhodes Furniture store from late 1984 to early January 1994. It then became a Gold's Gym until 2012.
3828 - McDonald's has been here since July 1977 and was rebuilt in the mid 00's.
3900 - Residential property now occupies the area that was the site of the Bee Ridge Drive-In Theater from April 16, 1969 until closing in 1981. Steve McQueen's "The Bullitt" was the feature attraction on opening night.
4000 - Goldmark Auto Group used to be Olsen's Union Service Station, which opened in May 1960. It then became Bee Ridge Esso (later Enco) from about 1962 to the early 70's.  It was later McCloud Enco/Exxon (early 70's to late 70's), Alec's Exxon (late 70's to 1980) and Bee Ridge Phillips 66 (1980 to 1983). Since then, it has primarily been used for auto and truck sales under several names, starting with Town & Country Auto Sales from 1983 to about 1989.
4020 - This used to be a Wendy's Restaurant from 1986 to early 2017.
4050 - Public Storage (since 2015) used to be a Scotty's Hardware store from 1968 to 2003 and later Bee Ridge Self Storage.  Photo: Scotty's Hardware closing sale in 2003.
4084 - Southern Steer Butcher (since 2017) used to be Sarasota Bicycle Center from the late 80's to 2016. Earlier, it was Handy Dandy Grocery (late 50's to mid 60's), Lil' General Store (mid 60's to early 70's) and Bee Ridge Meats (early 70's to mid-to-late 80's).
4086 - Bee Ridge Pharmacy used to be Bee Ridge Sub Shop from about 1983 into the 00's.  From the mid 70's until then for about 2-3 years each, it had been Fabiano Steaks and Hoagies, Verna's Steaks and Hoagies, and Seagraves Sub Shop.
4116 - Cracker Jack's Pub (since mid-to-late 90's) used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant from 1980 to about 1995.
4118 - Signs In One Day used to be The Loft Bar & Lounge from 1964 to the mid-to-late 70's. when it became The Country Club.  It was later ABC Liquors from 1984 to 1998 before moving down the street and then Frisky Business Pet Daycare.
4230 - Located in the Southeast Shopping Plaza, Winn Dixie Supermarket (since 2014) used to be a Kwik Chek Supermarket (renamed as Winn Dixie in the 70's) from late 1965 to the late 90's.  It then became a Kash N' Karry Supermarket in 2001 before being converted to Sweetbay in 2005 until becoming Winn Dixie (again) in 2014.
4290 - Dino's Pizza (since late 1978) in the Southeast Shopping Plaza used to be Southern States Restaurant in the early-to-mid 70's and Monaco Restaurant in the mid-to-late 70's.
4301 - CVS Pharmacy (since 2000 - converted from Eckerd Drugs in 2004) was built in the former location of a Pizza Hut Restaurant (mid 70's to late 90's and torn down in 2000). A Tee Pee Drive-In Restaurant was here in the early-to-mid 70's (opened in 1973).
4346 - Located at the Southeast Shopping Plaza, Burger King will reach the 40-year mark at this location in 2019.
4401 - Batteries Plus (since mid-to-late 90's) used to be a 7-Eleven store from the late 70's to mid 90's.
4404 - The former Save-A-Lot (2003 to 2018) in Palm Plaza used to be a Grand Union supermarket (1982 to 1984), then converted into a Kash N Karry supermarket (1984 to early 00's) when Grand Union closed their Florida stores.
4417 - Medical Arts Pharmacy used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from February 1962 until becoming a U-Totem Store by 1968 and a Quickie Food Store by 1977.  It then became First Presidential Savings Bank in the mid-to-late 80's (changing from 4419 Bee Ridge in 1984) until changing to State Street Bank in the early 90's.
4419 - Classic Printing (since 1987) used to be JR's Fasprint Printing starting about 1984.
4428 - The former Kabs Pharmacy used to be Anthony's Pizza from 1982 to about 1988.  It then became Chicago Street Eatery for a couple of years and then Oregano's Pizzeria from 1992 to about 1996. For the rest of the 90's, it was Mr. Vic's New York Pizza and then Bella Pizzeria into the 00's.  From there in the 00's, it was Bistro-Bistro, Thyme For Dinner (opened in 2006), Veggie Magic and Vibe Cuisine.
4444 - Dollar General (since the mid 80's) in Palm Plaza used to be an Eagle Army-Navy Discount Store from late 1965 to the mid 80's.
4458 - The former Oriental Buffet (1999 to early 2018) in Palm Plaza used to be Pictures and Pitchers movie and dinner theatre from March 1983 to December 1984.  It was also Mrs. Appleton's restaurant from August 1986 to 1996 and Maggie's Buffet from December 1996 to 1998. 
4460 - Before being rebuilt into multiple stores in Palm Plaza, this used to be a Food Fair (converted to Pantry Pride in 1969) Supermarket from late 1965 to early 1979. It was later Carpet Remnant World in the early 80's.

4511 -  PPG Paints (previously Porter Paints until being rebranded in 2015) has operated at this location since being built in 1982.
5864 -  Panera Bread (since 2008) used to be Woody's B-B-Q (opened in 1993). Prior to that, it was Pepper's Bar and Grill.

Benjamin Franklin Drive
233 - Holiday Inn Sarasota - Lido Beach has been in operation since June 1970.

Cattlemen Road
903 - Palmer's Easy Stop Citgo used to be a Quick Stop convenience store from about 1984 to 2014 (shown below from 2006).
999 (H) - Fresco's Italian Restaurant & Pizza (since early 2018) used to be Vandy's Steak & Hoagie Shop from about 1994 to the late 90's.  It later became Hoagie Heaven and Cattlemen Cafe, Grill & Pizzeria.
3941 - Burlington Coat Factory (since October 2001) used to be a Kmart department store from 1982 to 2000.
4000 - Sommers Dutch Family Restaurant (since 2016) used to be Sugar & Spice Family Restaurant from 1997 to late 2011. It started as a Bill Knapp Restaurant from 1991 to 1994 and has also been Elaine's Restaurant (opened in 2012) and Fred's Market Restaurant.
4041 - Regions Bank (since 2007) used to be Stockyard Steakhouse (1992 to 2001) and then Auntie Pasta Restaurant. Prior to that, it was Ponderosa Steakhouse (mid-to-late 80's to early 90's) and Walkabout Steak Station.  Below: Stockyard Steakhouse.
4053 - Richard's Foodporium (since 2012) and Sarasota Wine & Spirits used to be a Walgreens Pharmacy from about 1983 until moving to 5800 Bee Ridge Rd. in 2002.  In between, it was Cattlemen Liquors.
4059 - Madfish Grill Restaurant (since 1999) used to be a bank (Barnett Bank and later SouthTrust Bank) from the mid 80's to late 90's.
4088 - Tile Outlets of America in Centergate Plaza (since 2013) used to be a Home Depot from about the mid-to-late 80's until moving to their current location across the street in September 1994.  It was later a Waccamaw's HomePlace store from 1996 to 2001, Book Market (2002) and Picture Factory.
4092 - Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (opened in November 2017) used to be a Sports Authority from 1996 to 2016.
4111 - Home Depot moved here to their present location from across the street at 4088 Cattlemen in September 1994.
4297 - Steak 'n Shake Restaurant has operated at this location since September 1997.
4381 - Walmart opened its doors in April 1997 and was expanded into a Walmart Supercenter in 2009.

Central Avenue
1 -  Originally listed at 2 N. Pineapple, White Tower Restaurant (not to be confused with White Castle or Royal Castle) located at Five Points was here from October 1959 to the mid-to-late 80's.  For a brief time in the late 50's before White Tower, it was Barnes Sandwich Shop.  Below: White Tower Restaurant

600 - The former Bob's Place used to be Rose's Lunch Room from the early 50's to the mid-to-late 60's, when it became Thomas Restaurant until the early-to-mid 70's.  From there, it was Rose's Restaurant until the early 90's (listed as 602 Central Ave. until 1980).

Central Sarasota Parkway
4840 - Kohl's Department Store (since 2011) used to be an Albertsons Market from 1999 to 2006.
4860 - Torn down in 2014 and replaced by a Walgreens built nearby, this used to be a Toys 'R' Us store from 1998 to 2006 and Babies 'R' Us from 2006 to early 2014.

Clark Road
2820 - Now a dentist office, this used to be Caribbean Pie Company from the late 90's before becoming Latitude 23.5°  Coffee & Tea in 2004.  Earlier, it had been Sicard Boat Mfg. from the early-to-late 60's, Dahlberg Gifts & Handicraft through the entire 70's and early 80's, Beer Depot (also early 80's), Drive Through Beverage Center from about 1983 through the rest of the 80's and Valentino's Pizza & Beverage from the early to mid 90's.  Photo: Caribbean Pie Company
2856 - Sparkle-Brite Pool Supplies used to be a Chicken Unlimited restaurant from early 1974 to about 1979, becoming Moon's Landing, then a Dairy Queen in the early 80's.  By 1984, the restaurant was turned into First Presidential Savings Bank through the early 90's.
2881 (unit 7) - The former Winn Dixie Supermarket (2014 to April 2018) at Merchants Pointe Shopping Center actually started out as a Winn Dixie from 1977 to the late 90's. It later became a Kash N' Karry Supermarket in 2001 before being converted to Sweetbay in 2005.  It then converted back into a Winn Dixie in 2014.
2881 (25) - SweetBerries (since 2002) used to be a Long John Silver's restaurant from 1977 to the early 00's.
2951 - Ashton Lake Condominiums (since mid-to-late 80's) are in the location that used to be Tommy Bolt's Golden T Golf Club from April 1964 to the mid 80's.
3206 - Tony's Used Appliances used to be Little Star Bantam Market (late 1961 to mid 60's) and then a U-Totem Food Store from the mid 60's to mid-to-late 70's.  It later became a Quickie Food Store (late 70's to early 80's), Gulf Coast One Stop Food Store (early 80's to mid-to-late 80's) and Danny's Deli before becoming Certified Reconditioned Appliances in the mid 90's.
3246 - Bohemios Wine & Beer (since January 2019) used to be a Dairy Queen restaurant at Clark Road Square plaza from 2001 until closing in 2018.
3404 - Tijuana Flats Restaurant (since 2009) used to be a Boogie Woogie record store from 1989 to 2008.
3414 - Jersey Mike's Subs (since 2016) used to be a Subway Restaurant from late 1987 to late 2014 or early 2015.
3416 - Papa John's Pizza (since mid-90's) used to be a Zack's Famous Frozen Yogurt store from the late 80's to early-to-mid 90's.
3428 - Publix Supermarket has been operating at this location at Beneva Village Shoppes since 1987. It has been torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt during 2019.
3555 - The former ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (1993 to 2017) used to be a Lil' General food store (mid 70's to 1984), then Circle K (1984 to 1992).
3577 - Verizon Wireless (since 2014) used to be a Shamrock Service Station in the 70's before becoming Safeway Oil by the decade's end. It would become a bank in 1980 (Naples Federal Savings) until about 2012 while changing its name a few more times (Banc Florida, First Union and Liberty Savings Bank).
3578 - Beef O'Brady's (since 2012) at Beneva Village Shops used to be Shaner's Restaurant from about the early 00's to 2011 after previously being in the plaza at 3440 Clark Rd. beginning in 1991..  Earlier, it was Ernie's Restaurant (late 80's to early 90's), East End Bar & Grill and Dakota Bar & Grill.
3580 - 7-Eleven and Mobil used to be a Standard (later Chevron-shown below) service station from about 1974 to the late 90's.
3821 -The former Nationwide Insurance used to be a restaurant, starting with La Casita deli in the early-to-mid 80's. It then became Daily Doubles Restaurant by 1985 and Alday's Cracker Style Bar-B-Q (see below) from about 1988 to 1992. After that, it was Hubcap & Wheel of Sarasota and was later Classic Floors and Pack Ship Crate & Freight.
3900 (M) - Chianti Ristorante Italiano (since 2013) used to be Tokyo Bay Japanese Steak Restaurant from 1985 to the early 90's.  It later became Jimmy Dimitri's Restaurant in early 1996 and then Big Kitchen Restaurant & Bar from 1997 to 2005.  It was also El Paso Mexican Grill in the early 2010's.
3900 (N) - Millie's Restaurant has operated at this location since 1988.
4031 - The Original Egg Restaurant (since 2010 and formerly The Broken Egg) used to be Atlanta Bread Company from the mid-to-late 00's.
5304 - Jimmy Johns (since 2014) adjacent to the Palmer Market store used to be a combination A&W Root Beer and Long John Silver's Restaurant from about 2003 to 2005. It would then become an Arby's Restaurant (Arby's sign below from 2006) and later a Just Pizza Restaurant.  The restaurant opened in early 2001 as a Hardee's.

5710 - Subway Restaurant has operated here at Sunrise Plaza since about the start of 1988.  It was originally listed at 5708 Clark Rd.
5733 - Tap 72 (since 2016) used to be a Popeye's Chicken restaurant (1990 to about 1994).  In between, it was a Wings N Weenies restaurant from the mid 90's until 2015.
5737 - Waffle House Restaurant has operated here since about 1987.
5741 - Wendy's has operated at this location just off the Interstate 75 exit to Clark Rd. since July 1988.
5748 - Burger King has operated here also just off the Interstate 75 exit to Clark Rd. since August 1986.

Clark Center Avenue (buildings appear to be on Clark Road)
5947 - Livingston's Amusement Center (since 2005) used to be a Lowe's Home Improvement Center from 1986 to 1989. After being used as a temporary office for Sarasota County, it became an Albritton Fruit store in 1995

Derek Avenue (buildings appear to be on Clark Road)
5825 - Starbucks Coffee (since early 2014) used to be a KFC Restaurant from the early 00's to 2012.
Below:KFC on Derek Ave. before closing in 2012.

Dr. Martin Luther King Way (previously 33rd St. and then 27th St. from 1953 until the early 90's)
1126 - This used to be Barnes Hamburger Shop from September 1950 to 1959. It briefly became Follmer's Hamburger Shop and then Sherlock's Hamburgers until the early-to-mid 60's.
1751 - This used to be Jenkins Grocery Store from the late 40's to the early-to-mid 80's.  It then became Solomon's Grocery Store in the mid 80's, The Game Room in the late 80's and CJ Place Pool Hall in the early 90's.
2222 - Purple Store convenience store used to be Geech's Barbecue from the mid 70's to the mid-to-late 80's. Prior to that, it was Tillery's Old Fashioned B-B-Q from the early 70's to the mid 70's.

Dream Island Road (Longboat Key)
595 -  Torn down in 2005 to build Grand Mariner condominiums, this used to be Buccaneer Inn Restaurant & Marina from 1957 to 2001.

Fruitville Road
1515 - Formerly known as 1515 3rd Street, this retail center was once the site of a Margaret Ann (later converted to Kwik Chek and Winn Dixie) grocery store from December 1951 to the mid 80's, when it became a Food Way Market.  Later businesses at this site included House Of Golf (opened in the late 80's) and Empire Gallery.
1534 - Todburn Antiques used to be Miner's Patio & Casual Furniture from about 1952 to 2006.
1613 - The H.O. Cheney Building (renovated into an office building in 2007) used to be Cheney's Grocery & Market from about the mid 30's until the early 80's.  Later in the 80's and into the 00's, it was Presstock (paper stock warehouse).
1947 - Walgreens (since late 1996) is at the location previously occupied by the Old Heidelberg Castle restaurant from 1972 to 1995. It was previously the American Legion Coliseum and originally a Studebaker dealership. Below: Old Heidelberg Castle
2250 - Sarasota Lanes opened its doors in August 1958 and is still operating at the same location today.
2788 - Dash In Dash Out Texaco (since the mid 00's) used to be Summerall Esso/Enco/Exxon from 1966 to about 1980, when it became Johnston's Exxon and then Tuttle Exxon just after the mid 80's. In the early 90's, the station changed branding to Union 76 (Unocal Service Station) until becoming Dash In Dash Out Citgo by the mid 90's.
2812 - Gerald's Auto Service (U-Haul) started as a Standard Service Station in March 1957.  It became Gerald's Standard Service in the late 60's, converting to Gerald's Chevron Service in the 70's and continuing until the late 00's.
2851 - At the corner of Fruitville Rd. and Tuttle Ave. used to be Texas Jim's Animal Land & Zoo, which operated from 1935 to about 1962.  The building that housed the reptile farm and zoo burned down in December 1966.
3137 - Before being torn down, this used to be Weldon's Grocery from about 1959 to 1972. Earlier, it was Ocie Hawkins Grocery from the late 40's to early-to-mid 50's. It then became Joe Rizzo's Meat Market and Italian Grocery until the late 50's.
3192 - A real estate office built in 2001 now occupies the area that used to be the location of The Ranch House tavern from at least the mid 50's until about the late 70's.
3511 - McDonald's has been at this location since September 1979.
3550 - Walgreens (since 2005) is at the location previously occupied by a Burger King (mid 80's to 2004). Restaurants previously in this spot included Ronnick's (February 1958 to 1965), N.E. Oyster House (September 1966 to late 1967), Smoke House (1968 to May 1970), Raw Oyster House (January 1971 to June 1972), Corky's (late 1972 until a fire in May 1973 forced it to close), The Place (remodeled after the fire and operated from January 1974 to 1979) and The Meating Place (opened in 1980).
3554 - Before being knocked down to make way for Walgreens, a Grandy's Country Cookin' Restaurant stood here from 1984 to 1996 or 1997, then China Star restaurant from 1997 to 2004. A 7-Eleven store preceded Grandy's in this location in the 70's and early 80's.
3577 - SunTrust Bank (since the mid 90's) used to be Coast Federal Savings & Loan from 1974 to about 1993.
3580 - Now a Citgo Service Station, this used to be a Sinclair Service Station under various names (most of the time as Tucker's) from 1958 to 1968.  From about 1971 to 2015, the station was operated by Park Oil Co. as a Savings Service Station for several years and listed as Dodge Store beginning in 1992 until 2015.  Photos: The large price sign in front of the Savings Service Station in 1976 and Dodge Store in 2007.

4652 - CJ Autos of Sarasota used to be Waters Gulf Service from 1958 into the 80's, when it would become Waters Seventy Six.  It later became Waters Citgo in the 90's.

4933 - Before being rebuilt in the mid to late 00's while a BP station (was earlier Phillips 66 and also rebuilt in the mid-to-late 80's.), this Marathon station used to be Joe's Handi Stop from the mid 70's to 1992.  The station was operated by Joe Shively, who was known as "Peanut Joe" and fondly remembered for selling roasted peanuts at the station. Earlier, the station was known as Fruitville 66 Service Station (opened in June 1966).
5020 - Inkawasi Peruvian Restaurant,(since 2016) used to be a KFC Restaurant from 1988 to 2011.  It then became Antoine's Restaurant (2013 to 2015 before moving to N. Tuttle Ave.) and Maemi's Chicken.
5040 - Allied Insurance used to be a U-Tote-M Food Store from the late 60's to the mid 70's.  It then became a Quickie Food Store until the early 80's. After being J's Food Mart for a short time in the early-to-mid 80's, it then became F & D Market from about 1983 to the early 00's before becoming an insurance agency.
5100 - Shell Service Station (since 2014) used to be the location of an Amoco Service Station under various names from about 1956 all the way until the early 00's.  It was then converted into a BP station.
5116 - This used to be Café Raul Restaurant from late 1978 to about the late 90's.
5329 - Starbucks Coffee (since 2004) in the Sarasota Crossings Plaza used to be Video Library (changed to Movie Gallery in the late 90's) from 1992 to 2003.
5451 - Shapes Fitness for Women (since late 2016) in the Sarasota Crossings Plaza used to be Santa Fe Steakhouse from 1991 until changing its name to Durango Steak House in early 1999 and operating until 2007. In between, this was an LTM Party Store from 2012 to 2016.
5911 - Rodizio Grill Brazilian Restaurant (since 2017) used to be Don Pablo's Mexican Restaurant from 1998 to 2007 and then again from 2012 to 2015.  Also here in between the two stints as Don Pablo's were La Tropicana de Havana and The Loft Ristobar.

Gateway Avenue
6566 - Kazu's 2.0 used to be Mickey's Meat Market from about the early-to-mid 60's into the 90's.
6607 - Sarasota Brewing Company (since 1989) used to be Pour House Tavern and then Gateway Pub in the 70's and Gingerbread Man tavern in the 80's.

Goodrich Avenue
225 - Stonegate Bank on the corner of Fruitville and Goodrich used to be the location of the Nehi Bottling Company from about the late 1920's to 1977.  The building was destroyed after a fire in 1983.

Gulf Gate Drive
2184 - Fashion Focus Hair Academy (since 2000) used to be Gulf Gate Liggett Rexall Drugs from the 70's to the 90's.
2215 - Torn down around 2010, this used to be Gulf Gate Standard (later converted to Chevron) Service Station from 1965 to the early 90's, when it became Gulf Gate Unocal (Union 76). From the mid 90's to the late 00's, it was a U-Save Service Station.  Photos: The station as Chevron in the early-to-mid 70's and U-Save from 2007.

2222 - Tangerine Salon used to be Gulf Gate Bookshop from the early 80's to the early 90's.  In the 70's, it was A-One Custom Interiors.
2224 - Taste of Hong Kong Restaurant used to be Mak's Chinese Restaurant for about 30 years from the mid 80's to mid 2010's. It had previously been Lucky Inn Restaurant for a short time in the early-to-mid 80's.
Gulf Of Mexico Drive (Longboat Key)
1620 - About to be torn down starting in July 2018 to make way for redevelopment of the property, this used to be Colony Beach and Tennis Resort from 1954 until August 2010.
3454 - Now residential property, this used to be the location of Shenkel's Restaurant (originally Shenkel's Coffee Shop) from 1959 to 1994.  It later became Poseidon Restaurant from 1997 to 2003.

Hillview Street
1859 - Pacific Rim Restaurant (since 1999) used to be the location of Walpole Pharmacy from 1955 to 1997.

1920 - The former Taverna Grill used to be Hillview Grill from 1986 to 2016. Earlier in the 80's, it was Mel's Hoagie Diner, Phil's Steak and Café Seville.
1930 - Built in 1955 as Barnes Southside Sandwich Shop (opened in May 1955), Five O'Clock Club (since March 1964) was Hillview Liquors for over seven years beginning in October 1956.
1936 - Giorgio's on Hillview Restaurant used to be Great Western House of Meats from 1967 to the mid-to-late 80's. It then became Scott's Meat & Delicatessen.  It started as Syd Johnston, Inc. television sales in August 1955, becoming Carl's TV and Radio one year later until 1965.
1944 - The current Café Roma (since January 2019) and former Chutney's Etc. Restaurant (1991 to 2017) was known as Fandango Café Restaurant from 1987 to 1991.

Honore Avenue
705 - 7-Eleven (since about the early 70's) used to be Gant's Grocery, which opened in 1964 after moving from 709 Honore Ave. Below: Gant's Grocery (now 7-Eleven) from 1964.

817 - Alvis Heating & Cooling and Muse Emporium used to be the very popular Trevino's Mexican Restaurant from 1977 to about 1986 before moving to N. Beneva Rd.  Even before that, it was Sister Sundries' store and gas station (Esso at one time) from at least the mid-to-late 50's to the mid 70's. Below: Trevino's Mexican Restaurant

John Ringling Boulevard
325 - Daiquiri Deck (since 2011) used to be Hemingway's Retreat Restaurant from 1986 to 2010.
465 - Shore Clothing and Restaurant was the location of Ruby Tuesday's Lounge from 1977 to about the early 90''s.  It was earlier Explorer Bar tavern from 1961 to about 1971 and then became Big Daddy's Liquors from 1972 to 1977.
470 - Blue Dolphin Café (since about 1998) was previously the Buttery Coffee Shop for over 25 years from December 1969 to the mid-to-late 90's.  Before that it was Jack's Sandwich Shop from 1955 to 1959 and Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant and Delicatessen from 1959 to 1969.

Lowe Drive (formerly Lowe Lane)
1753 - Located on Whitaker Bayou, this used to be Lowe Boat Ways from at least 1932 (needed to be rebuilt after a fire) until June 1973 when it became Marlow Marine.

Main Street
1319 - Torn down in 2013 to make way for The Jewel condominiums, this used to be Sports Page Bar & Grille from the late 80's to 2013.  It had been a travel agency and art studio before becoming Ziggy's Grill in the mid 80's.
1341 - Clasico Cafe And Bar (since 2013) used to be Charlie's News from 1974 to 1997 and Sarasota News & Books from 1997 to 2009. Before 1974, it was Club Tavern (late 60's) and Landchess Lounge (early 70's) and after 2009, it was Café Palm.  Below:Charlie's News in 1974.

1345 - An office center since the late 80's, this used to be Foley's Follies lounge from the early-to-mid 70's to the early 80's.  From the 50's to the early 70's, it was primarily a coffee shop under various names (White Wing, Russo's and Esquire).
1355 -Two Senorita's Restaurant (since 1994) used to be Coley's Restaurant from the early-to-mid 80's to about 1993.
1359 1/2 - The Coolinary Restaurant and Bar used to be Misguided Mariner Restaurant from 1977 until becoming T.J.'s Upper Deck Restaurant in about 1980. It then became Celebrity's Restaurant from about 1986 until the early-to-mid 90's.  Other restaurants that passed through here after that  included:  Bwana Bob's, Upper Crust of Sarasota aka Francoise et Henri (opened in 1997), Taste of Tokyo (opened in 2000), Bayou Bleu (opened in 2004) and Irish Pub & Grille.
1364 (was 230 to 234 before 1953) -Sears, Roebuck & Co. Department Store was here from September 1937 until moving to Sears Shopping Plaza (now Midtown Plaza) in July 1960.
1377 - The former MoZaic Restaurant (from late 2008 to September 2018) used to be Monique's Artist Palette Cafe and Gallery from about 1988 to 1992.  It later became The Cornerstone Tavern by the mid 90's and Blue Parrot Restaurant and Tavern in the late 90's.
1395 (was 259-261) -First Watch Restaurant (since early 1992) used to be The Sport Shop dress and clothing store from early 1933 to 1991 after three years at 356 (later renumbered 1464) Main St.. Levy's department and clothing store was earlier at this location from 1921 until moving to the new Kress Building in November 1932.
1396 (was 260) - Badger Drugs operated here from 1905 until the early-to-mid 60's. It did move within the building at one point from the right side to the corner location (see below from 1963) previously occupied by First National Bank.

1400 (was 300 to 308) - Located at Five Points (the intersection of Main, Pineapple and Central), the location of Fit2Run used to be a bank in the 1910's until 1933.  It would then become Liggett Drugs from about 1938 to 1948 until moving up the street to 400 Main (renumbered to 1500 Main in 1953). Madison Drugs would take over this location until the late 50's when it was reacquired and became Liggett-Rexall Drugs until a fire badly damaged the building on April 1, 1979.  The building was rebuilt in 1985 and was then called Kress International Plaza, consisting of several businesses.  A major tenant here was Patrick's Restaurant on the first floor until moving to 1481 Main in 2011.
1401 - Plaza At Five Points occupies the area that used to be Palmer First National Bank and Trust Company of Sarasota from 1929 until acquired by Southeast Bank in 1976.  Southeast became First Union in 1991 and the building was torn down in 1999 after being vacant for a few years.
1428 - This used to be Cheap Clothes denim resale shop from about 1977 to 1983.  It had previously been Lerner Shops from the mid 50's to mid 70's after expanding from 1424 Main and replacing Nathan's Clothing. 
1442 - The historic Kress building used to be the S.H. Kress Company 5 and 10 store from November 30, 1932 to about the mid 70's.
1451 -1463 (was 351-359) - Since the late 70's after reconstruction, multiple businesses from 1451 to 1463 Main (see 1451 below) occupy the area that used to be Penney's (JC Penney) Department Store from 1934 until moving to Southgate Plaza in 1961 (later used as a warehouse until being torn down in 1976). Montgomery-Roberts was at part of this location as well (at 351 to 353 Main) from the late 30's until moving to N. Pineapple in the mid-to-late 40's and Penney's, which had been at 357-359 Main, appears to have expanded into that spot.
1451 - Lotus Boutique (since 2003) used to be The Granary natural foods store from 1979 to 1996.  In between, it was The Haven and Gold Fish Galleries.
1460 (was 346 to 352)- Now multiple businesses from 1460 to 1464 Main, this used to be McCrory's 5 and 10 store from 1923 to early 1992.
1475 - Now combined and renumbered as 1471 Main and 1473 Main, this used to be Hanna's Import Gallery from 1975 to about 2000. It later became Wilson Galleries in 2002 and Angsana Sarasota in 2003 and was vacant by 2007 before being remodeled into the two stores. Earlier at this address (373 Main before 1953) before being torn down in 1974, was De Soto Hotel from about 1932 to 1961. It had previously been Weida Hotel.
1477 - Eleganza used to be a Hallmark Shop under various names, including Fans, Sher's, Inga's and Linda's from 1975 to about 2005. In between after a period of vacancy, it was Encore Home Entertainment Center
1481 - Patrick's 1481 Restaurant (since 2011) used to be Norton Camera Center from 1962 to 1997 when it was converted to a Wolf Camera store.  It then became a Re/Max office in 2007 and Braza Brazilian Steakhouse in 2009.  Before construction and Norton Camera, this was The Oleander Restaurant from 1953 to about 1960 and then briefly Charcoal Kitchen. By 1972, Norton had expanded into the area next door that was 1485 Main (previously Houpe's Shoes).
1490 - The Gator Club (since 1988) building dates back to 1912.  A history of the building, including its early years as a grocery store can be found at the following link: Worth's Block (The Gator Club).  Known as Corner Cigar Store by 1930, it was called Gator Cigar Store and Gator Bar and Grill by the mid 30's.  For the next 50 years (other than Harmon's Liquors in 1938 and Jelel Corp Liquors in 1971), the name would vary between Gator Bar and Grill, Gator Cigar Store and Gator Bar.
1500 - Blue Mercury Spa at the corner of Main and Lemon used to be Ellie's Book & Stationary from 1972 to 1981, when the name was changed to The Downtown Store until about the late 90's.  It then became a Burger King until about 2004. Earlier, it was Bay Drugs (Walgreen Agency) from 1940 to the late 40's, Liggett-Rexall Drugs from about the late 40's to 1960 and King Dollar Stores in the early 60's.
1509 - World Coin & Jewelry Exchange used to be The Surrey (women's clothing shop) beginning in November 1957 and operating all the way until January 1999.  Prior to The Surrey, this was a shoe repair shop under various names, including Roth and Goodyear.
1516 (was 416) - Penzey's Spices used to be Town N' Country clothing from 1948 to the early 80's. It then became Wiley Office Equipment into the 90's.
1527 - Main Street Kitchen used to be Jules Pawn Shop (aka Jewel's Pawn Shop at times) and/or Jule's Music Center (later Main Street Music) from 1955 into the early 00's.  As seen below from the mid 70's, 1529 Main was used for a time by the pawn shop for display, while the music center was listed at 1527 Main.  The pawn shop would later have its sole address again at 1527 Main by the mid 80's.
1531 - Campbell Cabinetry Designs used to be Helen's Book Store from about 1966 to 2009.
Photo - From the mid 70's left to right: Alterations Unlimited (1521 Main),  Watch Hospital (1523), Jules Music Center (1527), Jules Pawn Shop (1529), Helen's Book Store (1531) and Family Finance (1535).
1537 - Wild Ginger Sushi & Asian Cuisine (since 2015) used to be The Cotton Shop from at least the early 50's to the mid 80's.  Restaurants here from 1987 to 2015 included Far East Gourmet (opened in 1987), Golden Dragon (opened in 1992), Yume Sushi (moved across the street), The Famous Tavern and Top Sushi. Below: The Cotton Shop around 1980 during a parade on Main Street.  Domestic Finance is to the left.
1540 (was 440) - Black Bird Home Gallery used to be Kickliter Bros. Hardware & Paint from the 1920's to the mid 1950's, when it became Home Hardware until the mid 1960's. From about 1969 to the mid 00's, it was Goodwill Industries (resale shop, also job center in 1997) and was later Phasion with Pashion beginning in 2006.
1545 (was 445) - Stakenborg Fine Art used to be Jules Surplus Store and Pawn Shop from 1953 to 1955 before moving to 1527 Main St. for over 40 years,  Earlier in the 50's, this was Sarasota Loan Co. and Sarasota Pawn Shop.
1553 - C'est La Vie French Café and Bakery (since December 1997) used to be Molnar's Stamp & Coin Shop from about 1984 to the mid 90's.
1554 (was 452 to 454) - Evie's Tavern operates at the location that used to be Sarasota Hardware & Paint Co. from 1944 until late 2012 and rebuilt about two years after closing. From at least the early 1930's to early 1940's, it was B & B Sarasota Grocery Co.
1576 (was 470) - Lila Restaurant used to be The Bullet Hole from about 1965 to 2013 (moved to 330 S Orange Ave).  It was previously Sarasota Camera Shop from the mid 40's to the early 60's.
1578 (was 472) - Pho Cali Restaurant (since 2005) used to be Dottie's Kosher Restaurant from 1965 to 1975 (this was earlier the address of Oasis Bar and Oasis Grill in the 50's).  It became Phil's Steak & Hoagie from 1975 to 1981 and then Angie's Steak & Hoagie until the early-to-mid 90's.  Restaurants here in the 90's and early 00's included Lunch Box Cafe, Kevin's Country Cafe, and Nha Trang on Main.
1592 - El Greco Cafe (since 1989) at the corner of Main and So. Orange used to be Mister Sandwich Restaurant from 1969 to 1972. It would then become Fatstuff Steaks of Philadelphia until late 1978.  In the early 80's, it was Paddingtons Restaurant and then Royal Cafe from about 1983 to 1988.
1618 (was 516) - AgeVital Pharmacy, Research, and Wellness (since 2016) used to be Whitesides Appliances from 1947 to about 1986.  It started as The San Juan Restaurant in 1926 and later became Standard Auto Parts from about 1933 until moving to State St. in 1942.
1662 - Medway Realty used to be The Big Apple clothing from about 1970 to 1978.  It then became The Shah Abbas Collection (carpets & rugs) from about 1980 to 1987. After that, it became American Speedy Printing Center.
Photo from about 1974 - Left to right: Avco Financial Services (1668 Main), Sonotone of Sarasota hearing aids (1666), Brewer's Barber Shop (1664), The Big Apple clothing (1662) and Coffee Cup restaurant (1660).

1679 - Courtesy Cleaners used to be a Gulf Service Station from at least the 1930's (possibly 1929 and later rebuilt) until the mid 60's. It was then Instant Ignition until the early 70's and later Senior Friendship Centers before becoming Main Street Cleaners from 1987 to about 2010.
1710 (was 700) - The former Sarasota County Visitor Center (2015 to 2017 before relocating to 1945 Fruitville Rd.) used to be a Firestone Store/Car Care Center from about 1950 all the way until 2014.  In the 1940's, Carpet Golf (miniature golf and practice range) was at this location.
1783 (was 751)- At about where the SunTrust building sits today used to be location of the legendary Smack Drive-in restaurant (below) from about the late 30's or early 40's to 1959. The restaurant started in 1932 at was then 642 Main Street (corner of Main and Pine).
1801 (was 801) - Michael Saunders Real Estate (since the mid-to-late 80's) used to be the location of Saprito Bros. Fruit Company from late 1940 until 1976.
1802 (was 800) - Reese Chevron (since 1953 and still pumps your gas!) used to be Hamilton's Standard Service from at least the 1930's until the early 50's.  Below: Reese Chevron in 2006.

1944 (was 934) - The Main Bar Sandwich Shop (since 1958) used to be The Main Bar going back at least to the mid-to-late 40's at what was then 469 Main St. and since the early-to-mid 50's at this location.
1962 - Now the Archibald Building, this used to be Main Bookshop from about 1987 until closing in May 2008.
1993 - Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 movie theatre (since 1997) is at the location that for many years was occupied by the Maas Brothers department store from October 1956 until March 1991. After being utilized by the International Marketplace in the early-to-mid 90's, the Maas Brothers building was torn down in 1996.  Below: Maas Brothers Department Store in 1956.

Marina Plaza 
2 - Marina Jack Restaurant (since 1968) used to be Marina-Mar Restaurant from 1963 to 1968.

Midnight Pass Road
5831 - Dolphin Bay condominiums (since 1998) were built where the popular Magic Moment Restaurant stood from late 1977 to 1991 and featured live magic shows for patrons while dining. Prior to that, several restaurants were here, starting with Chez Michel in March 1970. It then became Riley's Restaurant and Lounge in 1971, The Ivanhoe in mid-1972, The Key Club in 1974 (restaurant was remodeled and adjacent tennis club was built) and Marker 69 in 1976 until 1977.
6101 - Summer Cove condominiums (since 2007) were built where another popular Siesta Key restaurant, The Summerhouse operated from 1975 to 2004.
6400 - This used to be Surfrider Restaurant from about the early 70's to August 2002.  The restaurant and adjacent Surfrider Motel were torn down shortly after to make way for Seagrove condominiums.
6631 - Miguel's Restaurant has operated here in Crescent Plaza since late 1983.
8875 - Turtles Restaurant on Little Sarasota Bay (since 1986) used to be the location in the 70's and early-to-mid 80's for businesses such as Ilkon Shipping Co. and Emcee Electronics.
9009 - This used to be Bill & Bea's Happyland Restaurant from 1951 until February 1966 when a fire demolished the building.  The restaurant had been quickly rebuilt and opened in November 1959, just three months after an earlier fire had totally damaged the original building.
9105 - Ophelia's On The Bay Restaurant (since 1988) used to be Pirate's Galley Restaurant from April 1971 until the early-to-mid 80's, when it became La Maree French Seafood Restaurant until the myrtle mid-to-late 80's.
9122 - Now a condominium complex, this used to be the location of Happyland Seafood Restaurant (no affiliation to Bea & Bill's Happyland) from 1974 to 1978. It then became Charley B's Happylanding Restaurant & Marina from 1979 to the early 80's.  After a short time as Van Gogh's Restaurant, it would become Chez Med Restaurant from 1983 to about the mid-to-late 90's.

Myrtle Street
1923 - This used to be Bucko's Office Furniture (earlier Bucko's Surplus Store, which was an Army-Navy surplus store) from 1959 until early 2018.

N Boulevard of the Presidents
1 - This used to be Lido Beach Service Station (Phillips 66, then Esso/Enco/Exxon) from about the mid 50's to the early 90's before being torn down. By the early 80's, the station was known as St. Armand's Exxon.  Also, until the late 70's, the station's address was listed at 379 Harding Circle, however in 1953, McLeod's Standard Service was listed at this address.  It would soon move to 481 John Ringling Blvd., where it would be known shortly thereafter as Saint Armand's Standard Service until the early-to-mid 80's.
13 - A group of retail shops now occupy the former location of the Tail O' The Pup Restaurant from November 1958 to the early 90's.

North Beneva Road (was Oriente Ave. until the early 80's)
501 (180) - The former Sweetbay Supermarket (2005 to 2013) in the Town and Country Plaza used to be a Grand Union (see photo)Supermarket from January 1979 to early 1984 when Grand Union sold their Florida stores.  It then became a Kash N' Karry Supermarket from 1984 to 2005 until the conversion ro Sweetbay.  The store is scheduled to be torn down beginning in April 2019 to build a new Publix Supermarket.
501 (280) - Bealls Department Store (since 2000) in the Town and Country Plaza used to be a J.Byrons (later shortened to Byrons) Department Store from 1979 to 1996, then became Upton's until late 1999.
501 (430) - Now vacant, this used to be a Dairy Queen from 1979 to about 2000.
501 (636) - Now the site of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, this used to be Sullivan's Irish Pub & Grill in the Town & Country Plaza from late 1988 to late 1998, when it became Casey's Courtyard Bar and Grill.  It would later switch to Balantine's Courtyard Bar and Grill in 2001 and HammerHead Red's Sports Tavern & Grill in 2003 for at least a couple of years.  It started out as The Port Hole Restaurant in 1979 and was also The Things You Like Fashions (early-to-mid 80's), Court Yard East (mid 80's) and Trevino's Mexican Restaurant from about 1986 to 1988 after moving from its well-known location on Honore Ave.  Photo: The former site of Sullivan's, Trevino's and many more as it looked in 2015.
501 (800) - Big Lots (opened February 2019) in the Town and Country Plaza used to be a Kmart Department Store that opened in November 1978 and operated all the way until a round of Sears/Kmart store closings shuttered the store in March 2017.
935 (101) - Publix Supermarket has been operating at this location at the Sarasota Commons plaza since 1980.
935 (501) - Around The Clock Fitness used to be a Bealls Department Store from 1980 until moving to the Town & Country Plaza in early 2000.  It would become a fitness center (Southside Athletic Club) by the end of the year 2000. It would later become Lifestyle Family Fitness and then L.A. Fitness.
935 - The restaurant with the rotating buffet at the Sarasota Commons plaza from the early 80's to the mid-to-late 80's was Duff's Smorgasbord
935 (801) - USPS (since 1998) at the Sarasota Commons plaza used to be Luria's catalog store from late 1980 to early 1997.

North Cattlemen Road
351 - Gecko's Grill & Pub (since 2014) used to be Johnny Leverock's Seafood House (opened in early 2000).  It later became R.J. Gator's Sea Grill & Bar in 2006, Talegator's Restautant in 2008 and Trader Vic's Island Bar & Grill in early 2010 until 2013.

North Honore Avenue

1701 - Goodwill Industries (since late 2006) used to be a Food Lion supermarket (opened in 1991) before being converted to Kash N Karry around 1998 or 1999 and lasting until early 2004. Photo 1: Kash N Karry in January 2004.  Photo 2: Accompanying Kash N' Karry sign that was still standing in front of the building in 2014, ten years after the store closed and then became a Goodwill store in 2006.

North Lemon Avenue
1 - Mattison's City Grille (since 2003) is at the location that used to be Main Street Depot from July 1988 to July 1998.
North Lime Avenue
110 - Sarasota Discount Pharmacy in the Colonial Village Shopping Center was once a Terry Shulman's, described as a health, beauty aid, cosmetic and vitamin store by the Sarasota Journal, from 1978 to the mid 80's (pictured below in 1978). Below: Terry Shulman's in Colonial Plaza in 1978.

180 - Silver Star Restaurant (since 1981 or early 1982) used to be a Carvel Ice Cream store from September 1971 to 1980.
200 - Save A Lot (since the 90's) in the Colonial Village Shopping Center used to be an A & P supermarket from August 1963 until 1978.  It then became Great Scot (1979 to 1981) and Foodway (1981-1982) supermarkets.  It was also Footware House in the mid 80's. Below: A & P Supermarket in the mid 60's.
240 -  Family Dollar (since the mid 90's) in the Colonial Village Shopping Center used to be an Eagle Army-Navy Discount Store from the mid 60's to the mid 80's.  It then became a Dollar General store until the mid 90's.
243 - The former Angers Garden Deli (1978 to 2016) used to be Thayer's Grocery from 1952 to 1962.  In between, it was Hedges Prescription Shop.

North Lockwood Ridge Road
1590 - Super Matt Laundromat used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from 1961 to the mid-to-late 70's. It later became a Quick Stop store from the early 80's into the 90's.
1707 - Sam's Auto Repair Service started as Sam's Amoco Service in November 1959 and continued all the way until about 2005 (was converted to BP in the early-to-mid 00's).  Prior to Sam's, it was A & J Amoco.
3700 - Lockwood Tobacco Beer & Grocery used to be a Li'l General Food Store from the late 60's to the mid-to-late 80's,  Prior to that, it was Chaney's Grocery in the mid 50's, Noel's Grocery from the mid-to-late 50's to early-to-mid 60's and Three Suns Grocery from the mid-to-late 60's.
6224 - Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (since 2015) used to be a KFC Restaurant from about 1994 to 2014.
8415 - Floor & Décor (since 2013) used to be an Albertson's Market from 2000 to 2012.

North Orange Avenue
29 - First Professional Building used to be an A & P Supermarket from about the early-to-mid 40's to 1961.  It was later Kerr's Tradition House furniture store from October 1962 until the mid-to-late 70's.
130 - Boca Bargoons (since early 00's) used to be DeSears Appliances from the late 50's for about 40 years.

N Pineapple Avenue
25 - The former Golden Apple Dinner Theater (1971 to 2013) used to be Morrison's Cafeteria from the late 1940's until about 1970.
42 - Several restaurants passed through here over the years with the most notable being Smitty's Beefeaters Room from about the end of 1961 until 1969.  Some of the others included: The Hofbrau (early 50's to mid-to-late 50's), Carr's Sherwood Inn (late 50's), Ray Johnson's Polynesian Village (December 1959 until 1961), Flame Restaurant (February 1970 until 1971), The Wooden Nickel (October 1971 until 1972), The Dry Dock (October 1972 to 1975 or 1976), The Point (opened July 1976), Maxim's of St. Croix (1977 to the late 70's) and Rocky's (early 80's to early-to-mid 80's).  Even earlier, it may have also been Chuck Wagon and Dolphin Inn in the late 40's and early 50's.  After 1983, it is a bit of mystery as there are a lot of vacant listings here until being torn down around the 90's.
43 - The Pavilion building of the Sarasota Opera House (since 1996) used to be a Montgomery-Roberts department store from the mid-to-late 40's to 1976.
61 - The Sarasota Opera House (opened in January 1984 as The Sarasota Theatre of the Arts) used to be the Florida Theatre (seen below) from 1936 to 1973. It was called Edwards Theater from 1926 to 1936. 

North Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41)
1 - The Vue Condos (since 2016) used to be the location of a Denny's Restaurant from the mid-to-late 80's to early-to-mid 00's (torn down in 2014). It was built as a Ranch House restaurant in the early 70's, becoming Roadway Inn in the 80's and then Indiana Joe's Restaurant in the mid 80's.  The adjacent motel built at the same time was also Ranch House (See below) , and later Palmer House (late 70's) Roadway Inn (early-to-mid 80's) and Holiday Inn Downtown (mid 80's to early 00's) before being torn down.

111 -  This was the site of the John Ringling Towers (opened in 1926 as the El Vernona Hotel).  It was known as John Ringling Hotel until being converted into an apartment complex in 1964, then becoming vacant around the early 80's. Despite major restoration efforts, the building was torn down in 1998 to make way for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (opened in 2001).  Below: John Ringling Towers.
202 - Embassy Suites Hotel was built on the former site of what started as Sarasota Flower Shop from the mid 50's to the late 50's and then became Colonial Flowers & Gifts from the early 60's to the early 90's. From there, it was Flowers and Balloons Above Sarasota and later One Palm sales office in 2007 and Lube Of Sarasota in the early-to-mid 2010's before being torn down.
204 - This used to be Lamplighter Shop from late 1956 (moved from 1564 Main St.) to about the mid 00's.  It was also torn down to build the hotel.
211 - Joey D's Chicago Style Eatery & Pizzeria used to be a Standard Service Station (converted to Chevron in the 70's) from about the 1930's until the early-to-mid 80's.
231 - This used to be Cutler's Garage (later Cutler Motors before moving to 307 N. Tamiami Tr.) from the 1940's to the mid-to-late 50's. It then became a Gulf Service Station (J.S. Holt Gulf, Cowley's Gulf from the early-to-mid 60's to the mid-to-late 70's and North Trail Gulf) from 1958 to the mid 80's. Later at this location in the 90's after being rebuilt was Wings Beachwear and then Splash Sun & Fun in the early-to-mid 00's before being torn down in 2006.
270 - This used to be Sarasota Travelodge Motel from the early 60's to the late 80's. It then became Suncoast Inn until the late 90's and Quayside Inn until the building was torn down in 2005.
307 - This used to be Cutler Motors from the mid-to-late 50's to the late 60's. Adcorp Inc. was later at this location before being torn down by the mid 80's.
315 - Torn down by the mid 80's, this used to be a Dobbs House Snack Bar Restaurant from the early-to-mid 60's until being converted to a Steak N' Eggs Kitchen around the mid 70's to the early-to-mid 80's.
325 - This used to be The Driftwood Motel from the early-to-mid 50's until being torn down in 1983 to build Sarasota Quay.
400 - This building used to be Normandy Motel from the mid 50's to about the mid 00's.
714 - Prior to being torn down, this used to be LaSalle Motel from the early-to-mid 60's to the mid-to-late 80's.  From the early-to-mid 50's to the early 60's, it was called LaLinda Motel.
734 - This used to be Hill Top Motel (earlier Hill Top Hotel) from about the early-to-mid 40's to the early-to-mid 70's, when it became Hill Top Senior Residence until the mid-to-late 80's before being torn down.
777 - Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall (since January 1970) was originally called The Lewis and Eugenia Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.
838 - The Players Centre for Performing Arts, long known as The Players Theatre opened here in 1936 (rebuilt in the early 70's). The 2018 season is slated to be the last at this location. Below: The Players Theatre in 1966.

1012 - Sunoco (since the mid 00's) used to be an Imperial Oil service station from about 1940 until about 1983.  It then became Checker Oil, Ecol (mid 80's to mid 90's) and Speedway.  There was also a Dixie Burger Restaurant here at the Imperial Station from late 1957 to the early 70's.  Below: The Imperial Service Station sign in 1967 along with Dixie Burger Restaurant and Broadway Bar in the background.

1015 - This used to be Henry's Steak House (and Smuggler's Cove Bar) from 1952 until closing after a fire in 1968.
1032 - This used to be Buchman Motors from 1957 until moving to 4501 S. Tamiami Tr. in 1965.  In the early-to-mid 50's, it was Peerless Trailer.
1044 - Publix (since 2006) and condominiums were built on the site of the Broadway Bar, which had operated at this location for many, many years (records show as far back as 1925) until 2004.  It was rebuilt in 1956 after the original building was moved due to the widening of No. Tamiami Tr..
1603 - Wicked Cantina Restaurant (since 2017) used to be Jon's Restaurant in the early-to mid 50's. After that in the 50's, it was Lee's Steak House, The Salad Bowl and Motel Restaurant. Don's Restaurant started out the 60's here and then finally some stability would arrive, as Barr's Restaurant operated at this location from the early-to-mid 60's to the mid 70's. After that, it was Dee's Restaurant in the late 70's and early 80's, then Dos Amigos in the early-to-mid 80's and Chef Paul's Friendly Inn finished out the last part of the decade and continued to the mid 90's. From there, it became Cuoco Matto Restaurant until 2004. Since then, it has been Villa Francesco, DeLeo's Ristorante, Teddie's Place, Aristo and El Pescador.
1701 - This used to be Royal Palms Motel from the early 50's until being torn down in 2003. It was known as Best Western Royal Palms Motel from the late 80's onward.
1750 -  Sunshine Inn & Suites used to be Twin Motel from the early 50's into the 00's.
1777 - Subway Restaurant (since the late 90's) used to be Denner Dogs Restaurant from March 1977 to the mid 90's.
1803 - La Quinta Inn & Suites (since 2006) used to be the location of the Captain's Table Restaurant from 1964 to early 1975.  It then became the Lanai Restaurant from March 1975 until the mid 80's.  From that time until about 1990, it was Far East 41 and then Primo! Restaurant before moving up the street.  It would soon be rebuilt as Wellesley Inn of Sarasota in the early 90's.until 2006.  Before Captain's Table, Candy Cane Kindergarten was here from the early 60's until 1964.
2524 - A Shell service station stood in this location for well over 50 years before being torn down in 2007. Names included Odgen Super Service, Newman's Shell Service and Bradshaw's Shell Service.  Below: A Shell station shown 50 years apart (1956 and 2006) at the intersection of N. Tamiami Tr. and 27th St. (now Dr. Martin Luther King Way).

2700 - Tail O' The Pup Restaurant once occupied the northeast corner of North Tamiami Trail and what is now Dr. Martin Luther King Way from about the early 50's to the late 50's before moving to 13 N. Boulevard of Presidents. From November 1959 to the mid 60's, the restaurant changed from 7 Steers (before moving up the street in October 1962) to Circle Seven to Lobster Inn. After that, the property was purchased by Ringling School of Art & Design (now Ringling College of Art & Design) and the old restaurant was used as the Ringling Student Sales Gallery from about the late 60's to the mid 70's.  The Ann & Alfred Goldstein Center at Ringling is the building that is now the closest to the intersection.
2719 - The former Sarasota Tattoo (2004 until shortly before the building was torn down in 2008) used to be Idle Hour tavern from about 1953 to 1972. It later became Good Earth health food store from 1974 until almost to the end of the decade and then Frank's Barber Shop for most of the 80's.
2808 - Burger King has been at this location since 1966.  The building was torn down and rebuilt in 1981. Before Burger King arrived, Dairy Kreme Ice Cream and Scoop-Burger of Sarasota were here in the 50's and Dutch Treat Restaurant and Tic Toc Restaurant in the first half of the 60's.
2901 - The former Le Anh's Vienamese Restaurant used to be a Pizza Hut Restaurant from 1975 to 2009.  In between, it was Charity Thrift Store.
3011 - The area now used for parking, this used to be White Studios ceramics from about 1956 to 1973 and then briefly listed as Ceramics By George. It became Far East Imports Gift Shop in 1976 until the early-to mid 90's and was torn down by the mid 90's.
3020 - A Twistee Treat ice cream stand operated here for about 20 years until the mid 00's.  Below: Twistee Treat

3025 - Carr's Corner Restaurant (since 2002) used to be Mister Sandwich Restaurant from 1968 to the early-to-mid 80's. It was built in 1958 as Quaker Maid Dinette and shortened to The Dinette in the 60's.  Other businesses here after Mister Sandwich have included Battle's Bar-B-Que (mid 80's), Willybob's Bar-B-Que (mid-to-late 80's), Pinch-A-Penny Pool Supplies(late 80's), Corner Pantry (early 90's), Froggy's Healthy Fast Food (early-to-mid 90's), Gators Grille (opened in 1996) and Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich Co.(opened in 1999).
3105 - Exotic Nails (since 2014) used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from about 1976 to 1992. It then became a Goodwill until the early-to-mid 2010's.
3232 - The former Yummy House Restaurant (since late 2012 and moved to 1737 S, Tamiami Tr, in May 2018) was originally listed as Sandy's Family Restaurant (briefly) in 1983 before becoming Florida Family Medical Walk-In Clinic from the mid-to-late 80's.  By the early-to-mid 90's, it would become Rent-A-Center and later Serendipity Gallery in 2003 until transitioning back into a restaurant as Prime Rib A Go-Go in the mid 00's. It later became Porkies BBQ in 2007 and then Wild Hog Barbecue in late 2009.
3333 (10) - The former Good For All Flea Market in the Trail Plaza used to be a Publix Supermarket (see photo) from 1966 to 1996. It then became Community Market until 1997 and a Goodwill Store until moving up the street in 2012.
3333 (50) - The former NY Connection (moved within the plaza) used to be Eckerd Drugs from 1966 to 1998 before moving to a new location up the street at 3709 N. Tamiami Tr. (now CVS).
3333 (60) - The former Dollar General (mid 80's to 2014) in Trail Plaza used to be an Eagle Army-Navy Discount Store from 1966 (see photo) to the mid 80's.

3333 (70) - This used to be Adams & Houser Hardware from 1966 to about 1989 when it became Video Library.
3333 (110) - This used to be Dipper Dan Ice Cream Shoppe from the opening of the Trail Plaza in 1966 through the 70's.  It then became Dipper Delight Ice Cream Shoppe for most of the 80's.
3333 (130) - Before being split off into units 130A and 130B in the mid 70's, this used to be Super 5 & 10 store from 1966 to 1969. It then became McCrory's Variety Store and later National Fabrics from 1971 to 1975.
3333 (160) - The former McCurdy's Comedy Theater (2001 to 2014 before moving to 1923 Ringling Blvd.) used to be Teatro Theatre from January 1970 to July 1993.  Below: The cost to purchase a ticket to watch a second-run movie at Teatro Theatre was only 99 cents in the late 80's. 
3432 - Kwik Stop convenience store (since the early-to-mid 90's) used to be a 7-Eleven store from the early-to-mid 60's until the early-to-mid 90's.
3500 - Walmart Neighborhood Market (since 2012) used to be a Winn Dixie Supermarket (Kwik Chek until the 70's) from 1957 to 2010 and renovated in 1996. 
3520 - The area now occupied by Walmart and formerly located in a plaza next to Winn Dixie before that store was renovated, this used to be Oney's Five & Ten store from 1957 to the early-to-mid 80's.
3530 - Located in the plaza mentioned above, this used to be Pic'N'Pay Drugs from 1957 to the late 80's. It was also Buddy Bi-Rite rentals in the early 90's.
3709 - CVS Pharmacy (built as Eckerd Drugs in 1998) used to be the location that started as 7 Steers Restaurant (see photo below) in October 1962. It was then renamed as Angus Inn Restaurant from October 1963 until changing to Cook's Chick'n Beef in May 1969.  It then became Garden Gate Restaurant (1971 to 1972), JW's Family Restaurant (1973 to 1974), Mac's Restaurant (1974 to 1975), and Adami's Restaurant from 1976 to the late 80's.  Until being torn down, it was also Grapevine Steak & Seafood, Jerry's Airport Catering, Backstreet Pub and G. Willikers.

3728 - Lock Man Locksmith (since the early-to-mid 2010's) used to be Mamma Onesti Italian Restaurant (also called Casa Onesti) from about 1984 to 2005.  It then became Marko's Grill and was later American Kitchen and Pizzeria starting in 2007. Prior to that, restaurants included The Lantern Drive-In (late 40's to 1954), The Pilot House (1955 to 1956), The Lantern Restaurant (1957 to 1959), Golden Chicken (August 1959 until renamed to BeMent's Chick-Inn later in the year for a few weeks), Good's Chick-Inn (early 1960 to 1963), Seven Seas (late 1964 to late 1965), Cook's Chick-Inn (late 1965 to 1969), Dawn Donuts (early 70's) Iron Gate (early 1975 to 1976) and Nino's (April 1977 to 1984).
3808 - East West College of Natural Medicine (since 2003) used to be Brenton Reef Restaurant from 1986 to 1996.  The restaurant featured a boat-shaped salad bar and 300-gallon fish tanks.  Before the restaurant was built, Lafayette Court was at this location from at least the late 40's until the early-to-mid 80's.
4021 - Cadillac Motel has been operating here going all the way back to 1955.
4108 - Sun Dial Motor Inn (since 1973, earlier known as Sundial Motel) used to be Holiday Motel from 1949 to about 1972.
4195 - Kasa Sushi Japanese Restaurant (since 2016) used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant from 1969 to about the mid 00's.  Since then, it has also been Gold Dynasty and Queen of Sheba restaurants.
4200 - Regency Inn & Suites used to be Rainbow Motel from at least the early 50's until the mid-to-late 60's, when it became Rainbow Motor Lodge until about the mid 90's. 
4211 - Torn down around 2012, this used to be Mari's House Of Pancakes from about 1962 to the early 70's. It then became Hazel's Restaurant for the rest of the decade.  Earlier, it had been Walker's Restaurant and The Surf in the 50's and Royal Pancake Parlor in the early 60's. Later it was Paragon Music Center from the early-to mid 80's to the mid 90's and then Pleasures II.
4229 - Sea Breeze Inn (since about 1995) used to be Royal Motel (aka Motel Royal ) from 1958 to 1995.  It first opened in 1954 as Lee-Etta Motel.
4309 - Super 8 Motel (since the mid-to-late 90's) used to be Scottish Inns Motel from about 1987 to the mid 90's.
4520 - Earlier known as Jacaranda Motel beginning in 1952 and changing to Pink Cloud Motel by 1955, this motel operated until about 1987 and was then torn down by the late 80's.
4644 - This used to be the location of Sunset Terrace Motel (and Apartments) from 1949 until about the early-to-mid-00's). It was then torn down, although the motel's sign still stood until about the late 00's.
4675 - The Bahi Hut Lounge, part of the Golden Host Resort Hotel opened in 1954 (per their website). The hotel itself opened in January 1959.
4685 - The Mel-O-Dee Restaurant operated here from 1955 until about the mid 00's.  Below:
Postcard of the Mel-O-Dee restaurant

4900 - Oakridge Apartments (since 2015) and Sunnyside Café used to be Days Inn from late 1978 until about 2013. In between, it was Sarasota Airport Hotel.
5000 - Days Inn (since late 2014) used to be Hampton Inn from February 1987 to about the mid 00's, when it became Comfort Inn. In the early-to-mid 2010's, it was Rodeway Inn.
5050 - Barnacle Bill's Seafood Restaurant & Market (since 2001) used to be the Mecca Restaurant and Supper Club (opened in 1957) and then the Golden Buddah Restaurant from 1968 to the early 90's. It was also the Sai Woo restaurant from 1990 to 2000.  Photo: Golden Buddah Restaurant
5100 - Goodwill Industries (built in 2012 at 5150 N. Tamiami Tr.) is at the location that was the home of the Old Hickory Restaurant from 1949 to 2005.  It then became Witness Café and was torn down shortly before being rebuilt.
5500 - Sarasota Classic Car Museum has been at this location since 1953. Originally known as Horn's Cars of Yesterday, the name was changed to Bellm's Cars of Yesterday (later Bellm's Cars and Music of Yesterday) in 1967 until changing to its current name in 1998.
6000 - This has been Airport Shell service station since 1969. Previously at this address in the 60's was Frank Smith Construction & Flying S Ranch.
6101 - Now part of New College, this was the location of the popular Zinn's Restaurant for at least 45 years until closing on New Years' Eve 1986. The restaurant included the Waterfall and Raingarden rooms. Below: Zinn's Restaurant

6255 - The Circus Hall of Fame operated here from January 1956 to May 1980.
6301 - The Campus Bookshop for USF Sarasota-Manatee & New College used to be a Howard Johnson's Restaurant from about the late 50's to the early-to-mid 80's. It was then the Patti Cake Restaurant in the mid 80's.
6325 - The accompanying motel to the above restaurant was a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge from about 1959 to 1983, when it became Viking Motor Lodge for the next few years.  By 1990, it was also part of USF,
7802 (was 7558) - Scott's Auto Repair used to be Scott's Gulf Service from 1960 until changing to Scott's Mobil in the 80's.  It later became Scott's Marathon.  Earlier, it was Whitfield Gulf from 1950 to about 1957 when it became Linn's Gulf.
7805 (was 7546) - Located diagonally across from Scott's Gulf Service (Scott's Auto Repair today) and now just trees and bushes outside Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, this used to be Sal's Italian Restaurant from the late 50's to at least December 1972 before becoming vacant for a couple of years and disappearing shortly after.  Before Sal's, it was Ballard's Seafood Restaurant (opened about 1953), John's Bar & Grill and then Remo's Fine Foods.
7942 (was 7311) - The former Plants & Treasures (2012 to 2017) used to be a Self Service Shoe Store from February 1958 all the way until about 1990.  It had previously been Young's Furniture from at least 1950 to 1957 and later became Realty Trac in the mid 90's and Clearwater Mattress in the 00's.
7984 (was 7201) - S & S Discount Beverage used to be Simple Sam grocery store (opened in July 1960). By 1964, it had become Cracker Barrel grocery store, which operated until about the mid-to-late 90's.
7971 (was 7230) - Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse (since late 1982) used to be Renfer's Restaurant in the 50's,  It was later Fountain Lounge (early-to-mid 60's), New England Oyster House (mid 60's to mid 70's) and Flying Dutchman Restaurant (mid 70's to early 80's).
8071 (was 7102) - Deluxe Inn (since late 1992) used to be Romaine Motel in the 50's to the early 60's and Forty-One Motel (a.k.a. 41 Motel) from the early 60's to late 1992.
8076 (was 7113) - Primo! Ristorante (since 1990) used to be The Golden Buddah Restaurant from March 1956 to the late 60's after earlier being Le Chateau Restaurant from 1954 to February 1956. It was later Ruston's Family Affair Restaurant & Steakhouse (late 60's to early 70's), Beef & Bottle (1972 to 1978), Friar Tucks (1979 to 1980), Rudy Rosa's Organ Grinder Supper Club (early 80's) and People's Restaurant and Lounge (early to mid-to-late 80's).  Below:  Golden Buddah Restaurant at what was then 7113 N. Tamiami Tr.

8154 (was 7007) - Bayside Pet Resort used to be Rip Van Winkle Bowladrome Lanes beginning in August 1958 and operating all the way until 2004.  In between, it was BP Group Aviation.
8164 (was 6999) - McDonald's has been at this location since the mid-to-late 70's.
8184 (was 6969) - This used to be Lionel Train & Sea Shell Museum from early 1977 until about the early 90's. Later in the 90's, it was Jerry's Catering.
8270 (was 6831) - The Hilton Garden Inn (since late 2001) was built on the site of the Trail Drive-In outdoor movie theater (operated from 1949 to 1988).
8301 (was 6770) - A few of the many hangars offered to businesses by the SRQ Airport now occupy the site of the Three-O-Six Bomb Group restaurant, which operated from 1981 to 1993.
8490 (was 6401) - The former Automaxx used to be Trail National Bank from 1962 until moving to Trail Plaza in early 1973 (see photo below from 1972).  It then became Greyhound Rent-A-Car by the mid 70's and Value Rent-A-Car by the mid 80's into the 90's.

North Tuttle Avenue
2 - Sarasota MRI (originally Dimension Imagining since 2003) used to be the popular House Of Chong restaurant from October 1960 until moving to S. Tamiami Trail in September 1977. Prior to House Of Chong from 1951 to 1960 and again briefly after in late 1977 and 1978, it was the circus-themed Casa Canestrelli Restraurant.  It then became Charlie's Po Boys Bar-B-Que later in 1978 until 1979.  Below: House Of Chong

North Washington Boulevard (U.S. Route 301)
402 - Two Amigos Restaurant (since 1996) used to be Butler TV from the mid 50's to mid-to-late 60's,  It then became White-Elna Sewing Center from the late 60's to early-to-mid 80's. In the mid 80's, it would turn into Razzle Dazzle Deli until the early 90's.  It was also Lunchtime Deli and Williams Game Room in the 90's.
560 - Walt's Plaza (since 2000) used to be the site of Walt's Seafood and Fish Market (pictured below) from the early to mid 70's (moved from 412 N. Washington) to 1999.

820 - Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen has been in this location since about the early-to-mid 80's.
918 - Gyros and Seafood (since 2009) used to be a KFC restaurant from about the late 90's to mid 00's.
1000 - Answer America (since early-to-mid 90's) used to be a Lil' General food store (early 70's to 1984), then Circle K (1984 to late 80's). In the late 60's, it was called Three Suns Food Stores.
1028 - This started as Spinale's Sandwich Shop in the mid 60's and then became Vitale's Sandwich Shop from about 1970 to 1983.  From the mid 80's to the early 90's, it was Tropical Ice (ice cream and frozen desserts). It has been primarily vacant or part of adjacent businesses ever since.
1068 - Mi Tierra Restaurant (since about the early 00's) used to be Lester's Diner from the early 60's to the early-to-mid 80's when it became John's Diner.  It was also Country Hearth later in the 80's.  In the 90's, it was Subs and More, and then Taco Casa.
1120 - America's Super Pawn used to be Tucker's Exxon Station from the early 70's to mid 80's.  Other businesses here included Electro Bake auto painting (late 80's), Little Fiberglass Shop and American Legend Cycles.
1158 - A small plaza sits today at the site of the popular Oberlin's Diner (shown below) from 1971 to about the early 00's. Prior to Oberlin's it was Russo's Diner beginning in May 1964.
1199 - This has been an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant since being built in 1980.
1206 - A Gulf service station operated here at the northeast corner of  N. Washington and 12th Street from 1956 (see below) until the mid 80's.  It was then converted to Union 76 until the early 90's and torn down not too long after that.
1627 - Wendy's Restaurant has operated at this location since about 1986.
1701 - A Sarasota institution for over 60 years, the Hob Nob Drive-In Restaurant opened in March 1957.  The restaurant was closed for a few weeks for renovations in 2013, but still retained its look and feel.  Photo: Hob Nob is seen here in the 1960's.
1828 - Prime Motors used to be a Site Service Station from the early-to-mid 60's to the mid-to-late 80's. It then became Calendar Cars in the 90's and there have been various other businesses operating mainly as automobile dealers over the years.
4050 - A seven-unit plaza now operates at the former location of 301 Raceway (featured go-kart racing and video game room) from about the mid-to-late 70's to the early-to-mid 90's. Also here at the raceway was the Flame Pit Restaurant.
5045 - Kane's Furniture used to be Savon Furniture from 1958 to 2014.  The store was actually acquired by Kane's in the late 70's, but operated under the Savon name until after the unaffiliated Kane's Furniture in Sarasota changed to Kalin's in 2013.
5445 - Public Storage used to be the Crown House Restaurant (and Duck Inn) from 1973 through the early 90's. Earlier, it was also Holiday House (late 1954 to late 50's), Morrison's Imperial House (late 1958 to late 60's), Buresh's Lobster House (opened in 1969) and Jerry's Seafood House (early 70's).
6051 - Exclusive Kitchens & More (since the early-to-mid 2010's) used the be The Sawmill (not the restaurant, but a furniture store) in the early and mid 70's,  Some of the many businesses here over the years since The Sawmill include Gaines Appliances, Florida Builders Supply, GTE Communications Corp. and Gold Rush Internet Café.

Ocean Boulevard (Siesta Key)
5023 - The Old Salty Dog Restaurant (since the mid-to-late 80's) used to be Mustard's Last Stand Restaurant from the early-to-mid 80's.  It was earlier Super Sub Shop in the late 70's.
5041 - Circle K/Shell used to be Village Texaco (later Siesta Village Texaco) from 1967 to about the early 90's. Earlier it was McLeod's Standard Service from 1960 to 1963 and Cort's Texaco from 1963 to 1967.
5133 - Village Café Restaurant (since 1995) used to be The Buttery Restaurant from 1970 to the mid 90's.
5151 - In 2017, The Beach Club (opened in 1947) celebrated it's 70th anniversary at this same location!
5208 - Big Olaf Creamery (since early-to-mid 80's) used to be both Siesta Key Jewelers (1972 to early 80's) and Siesta Barber Shop (pre-1960 to early-to-mid 80's listed at 5210 Ocean Blvd). Below: Prior to 1982, Siesta Barber Shop and Siesta Key Jewelers shared the space that is now Big Olaf Creamery.
5211 - Beach Bazaar (since mid 80's) used to be Petticoat House clothing store in the 50's until the early-to-mid 80's.
5218 - The former Jo-To Japanese Restaurant (early 00's to 2017) used to be The Wildflower Restaurant from 1974 to 1998.
5232 - Sandal Factory (since 2017 after renovations to the building) used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from 1972 to January 2016.
5242 - Gidget's Coastal Provisions (since 2014) was built on the location that used to be Napoli's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria for about 30 years before being torn down in 2013 and moving to a new location down the street (5200 Ocean). Prior to Napoli's, a real estate office operated here for at least 25 years.
5250 - Daiquiri Deck (since 1993) used to be Anna's Delicatessen from about 1971 to 1979 after being converted from a two-story wooden house and Café Gardens in the 80's and early-to-mid 90's.
Below:Anna's Delicatessen and Café Gardens

Proctor Road
5430 - This has been Albritton Fruit's grove store since 1947.  It is slated to close in 2018.

Ringling Boulevard
1927 (Charles Ringling Building)  - Sarasota Sky Bar & Club (since 2016) is at the address (though not exactly at the same spot in the building) that used to be the popular Bifano's Italian Restaurant from 1958 to 1974.  New owners then changed the name to The Outside Inn during 1974 and operated until 1976.  Behold The Turtle Lounge (affiliated with The Outside Inn) at 1941 Ringling in the same building was then renumbered as 1927 Ringling and operated for the rest of the 70's.  The 80's saw Playground South and Animal House until the early 90's when it turned into Club Wave for a short time.  At about 1993, it became Bumper's Nightclub until 1999.  It would then become Margarita Maggie's a few weeks later in 1999 until 2003, turning into Club Envy. It was later The Rhythm Nightclub & Bassline Lounge, The Venue at 1927, Froggy’s and currently Sarasota Sky & Bar Club.  This building dates back to 1926 when one of the first tenants was Saunders Grocery (along with Triangle Drug Store). Barth's Pure Food Store replaced Saunders Grocery in this building from about 1930 to 1953, although at 141 Ringling, it may have been in the spot of the building that became 1941 Ringling during the Sarasota street naming and numbering change that occurred around May 1953.  From January 1957 to mid-to-late 1958, Sal's Restaurant preceded Bifano's here at 1927 Ringling. Below: Credit-You know you're from Sarasota if ...
1941 - Also part of the Charles Ringling Building, this used to be The Bargain Store from July 1953 to the late 50's. It then became a pool parlor (primarily Sarasota Billiards) in the 60's and early-to-mid 70's, before becoming Behold The Turtle Lounge in August 1974. After a couple of years, the lounge was renumbered to 1927 Ringling.
2257 - Shamrock Pub (since the mid-to-late 90's) used to be Papa Nick's Spaghetti House from 1960 to the early-to mid 70's. Restaurants in between included Mister G's, Margie's, Stingers and The Little Bar in the 70's, Churchill's Inn from the early-to-late 80's and Ringling Street Pub in the first half of the 90's.
2267 - This Marathon service station (since 2014 after converting from BP) used to be Ringling 66 Service (Phillips 66) from March 1957 to the mid 70's,  It became J & J Save On in the mid-to-late 70's and lasting into the 90's.
2283 - Group Z Signs (since 2014) used to be ABC Liquors from the early-to-mid 70's until about 2010. Earlier, it was Ringling Blvd. Laundromat in the 50's and Theldon Liquors in the 60's and early 70's.
2287 - After being a vacuum sales office in the late 50's, finance office in the 60's and Schwind's Formal Wear Shoppe and National Sewing Center in the early 70's, this became Uncle Lou's Place Restaurant for breakfast and lunch in 1974. It would later become Egg Platter Restaurant by 1977. Several restaurants operated here in the 80's, including Jed & Lil's Place, Jim's Restaurant, Horn of Plenty, The Courtyard and Mom's & Son's before becoming Flowers By David florist for many years beginning in the early 90's.
2289 - Fresh Mozzarella Pizzeria (opened in 2019) used to be Dino's Pizza from the mid 80's to the early-to-mid 2010's and then Ringling Pizza & Grill.  For well over 20 years before Dino's Pizza, it had been Elite Beauty Salon.
2856 - Richard's Foodporium (previously known as Richard's Whole Foods) has been operating at this location since 1979.
3000 - Robarts Arena has been operating here since 1967.

St. Armand's Circle (formerly Harding Circle)
411 - Columbia Restaurant (since December 1959) used to be Club Jora Restaurant from December 1957 to 1959.
420 - Crab & Fin Restaurant used to be known as Charley's Crab Restaurant from late 1978 to about the early 00's. From May 1972 to July 1978, it was the Grenadier Lounge & Restaurant.
431 - Café L'Europe Restaurant (since 1973) used to be Colombi's Restaurant from late 1956 to the early 70's.  Before extensive renovations, it had earlier been Cocoanut Palms Restaurant in the early-to-mid 50's.

Sarasota Quay (a complex located at 333 N. Tamiami Trail from 1987 until 2007).
208 - In Extremis nightclub operated in the Sarasota Quay complex near Fruitville Road in downtown Sarasota from about 1994 to 2003.
214 - This used to be Chophouse Grille from July 1989 to 1993.  It reopened a few months later as Jack's Chophouse until becoming Anthony's Lobster and Steak at the Quay by early 1996.  In late 1996, it became Michael's Seafood Grille until changing to Michael's Mediterranean Grille in 2000 until about the mid 00's. Also here at that time were Anthony's After Dark disco (the restaurant would turn into this late at night) and the Downunder Jazz Bar.
216 - Miramar At The Quay Restaurant operated here from about 1989 to 1993.  It later became the Waterside Room Restaurant from about 1996 to 2005. 
300 - This used to be Club Bandstand (and Starlite Diner) from at least 1989 to 1993.
318 - Da Ru Ma Japanese Steakhouse operated in the Sarasota Quay complex from 1993 to 2006 before moving to the Sarasota Crossings plaza. The complex was torn down in 2007.

Sawyer Road
4750 - This used to be Booth's Grocery from about the mid-to-late 50's to the early-to-mid 70's. It had earlier been Brown's Grocery going back to at least the early-to-mid 50's.

Shopping Avenue (Ringling Shopping Center from 1955 to 2017 and torn down in late 2018).
132 - The former Wellspring Church used to be Liggett Touchton (Rexall) Drugs from 1955 to 1974 and Walgreens from 1974 to about the mid 90's.
146 - The long time toy store of the Ringling Shopping Center started as Coach Butterfield Toys from 1955 to about 1964. It would then become Pic A Toy (mid-to-late 60's), Ringling Toy & Sporting Goods (1967 to mid 70's) and Toys 'n Things (mid 70's to about 1983) before turning into Charm Beauty Salon into the 00's.  After that, it was Glass Slipper Costume Rental Shop.
170 - The former LTM Party Store (1992 to 2012) used to be a Belk Lindsey department store from 1955 to 1988.  Photo: Diana Shops, Woolworth and Belk-Lindsey stores in the mid 60's.
206 - The former Ace Hardware (2005 to 2017) used to be a Woolworth department store from 1955 to early 1994. In between, it was Dockside Imports (opened in 1994).
210 - The former Waffle Shop (from 1992 into the 00's) used to be a Diana Shops dress store from 1955 to about the late 70's.  In between, it was Kuban's audio/video store from the early-to-late 80's.
Below: Although it had been closed for many years, the Waffle Shop signage (as with other stores in the plaza) was still displaying at the vacant Ringling Shopping Center in August 2018.  Demolition of the plaza began just three months later and was completed in December 2018.

220 - This started as Crowder Bros. Hardware in 1955 until 1972. It then became Drury Hardware in 1972, Holiday Hardware in 1976 and Ringling Hardware in 1979 until the early 90's.
230 - This started as Darby's Cleaners & Laundry in 1955, changing to Plaza One Hour Cleaners & Laundry in 1957 and Center Cleaners & Laundry in 1960 until 1970.  It then became Ringling Jewelry about 1971 and operating well into the 90's.
244 - After starting out as Grant's Bakery in 1955 and then Arjay's Bakery, this became Ringling Bakery from the early 60's through the 70's.  In the 80's, it was Amerifirst Bank and then Great Western Bank in the 90's until 1994.
250 - Beauteria Beauty shop operated at the plaza from 1955 to 1972 (operated at unit 214 until about 1962). It then became Regis Beauty Salon until the early 80's, when it was Charm Beauty Salon.
258 - This started as S & H Green Stamps Redemption Store from 1955 to 1960 (later listed at unit 286). It became Lambert Interiors (1961 to 1965) and later Kuban's music store from about 1967 to 1980 (later listed at unit 210).  After that, it became Peninsula Motor Club (AAA) from the early 80's into the 90's.
280 - This used to be Center Shoe Repair from 1955 until 1972, when it became Ringling Shoe Repair until 1978.
282 - Publix Supermarket was here from 1955 to 2011, when it moved to a new location on South Tamiami Trail.  At the time it closed, it was the longest operating store in the Publix chain.
284 - This used to be Jimmy Crews Barber Shop from 1955 to about 1977.
286 - This used to be an S & H Green Stamps Redemption Store from 1960 until moving to Snelling Plaza in November 1977.
Below: Artist rendering of Ringling Shopping Plaza at the time of its opening in 1955. Credit - Sarasota News

Siesta Drive
2001 - Multiple businesses here at the corner of S. Tamiami Tr. and Siesta Dr., including Flemings Prime Steak House and the Social Security Office used to be National Bank of Sarasota from November 1958 until changing to Citizens & Southern National Bank of Sarasota in 1986. It would then become NationsBank in 1992 (renovated in 1993) until about the early 00's.
2157 - Baker & Wife Restaurant (since 2015) used to be Rice's Town & Casual Wear from November 1960 all the way until about the early 00's.  It was then renovated into a restaurant and became Southgate Gourmet in 2005.  It later became Deli Lane Café in 2008 and The Usual Place Restaurant in 2013.
2177 - Rick's French Bistro Restaurant (since the mid 00's) used to be Luv N Quiches Restaurant from 1982 to the early-to-mid 90's.  It was later South Gate Village Café & Catery in the late 90's and then Le Francilien Restaurant beginning in 2000.  This was once a real estate office in the 50's and became Ann Hammond Yarns (early 60's to early 70's), Knit Nook (1972 to 1977), Continental Bakery, and The Lunch Place (1979 to 1981).

South Beneva Road
15 - Torn down in 2004, this used to be a SuperX supermarket from 1983 until converting to Florida Choice in 1986 through 1988.  It then became a Kash N Karry supermarket and was later used as a shipping/receiving and training center for Arthur Andersen Technology in the mid-to-late 90's.  Nellie's Deli, Market and Catering has been at this address in a new building since 2009.
75 - This was the home of a Rax Roast Beef from about 1983 until 1990. It was later Papa Nick's restaurant from the early-to-mid 90's before being torn down around late 2007-early 2008.
2401 - The restaurant at the original Forest Lakes Country Club (1964 to 2007) was called Guido's of Forest Lake Restaurant beginning in 1977 until changing to Rain Forest Restaurant by early 1979.  Through much of the 90's, it was known as Fairways Restaurant.
6980 - Beneva Flowers & Gifts (since 1986) used to be Karl Ehmers Quality Meats II in the early 80's.
6988 - This Sunoco station once sold Bay Gasoline in the late 70's.  It was also a Starvin' Marvin station in the 80's into the 90's, then Speedway until about 2010. 
Photo 1: Although operating under the Speedway banner, this was still a Starvin' Marvin convenience store in 1997. 
Photo 2: The same station in 2008 (no longer Starvin' Marvin) with much higher gas prices!

South East Avenue
1212 - Michael's On East Restaurant at Midtown Plaza has been here since 1987.

South Gate Circle
3101 - A & B Food Store & Discount Beverages (since the early 90's) used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from the April 1960 to the early 80's.  In between, it was Mi-Lo Discount.
3223 - A Standard Service Station (Circle Chevron by the late 70's) sat on the circle from the early-to-mid 60's to mid-to-late 80's before being torn down.

South Lemon Avenue
35 - Hyde Park Prime Steak House (since 2008) is at the location that used to be King Kone Restaurant from about the early 50's to the early 90's (listed as OK King Kone the first few years).  It was then rebuilt as Lemon Coast Grill until 1998 and rebuilt again as Ovo Café until 2003.
131- This used to be Campbell Motors from about the late 50's until moving to Bee Ridge Rd. in 1981. 

South Lime Avenue
10 - It wasn't the first 7-Eleven in Sarasota (it was the second), but it has certainly lasted the longest as the store has been at this same location since October 1960. Below: 7-Eleven from 1960's and 2018.

South Orange Avenue
11 - This was the location of Sarasota Diner from 1944 until the mid-to-late 60's.
27 -  Now part of the Wilson Building, this used to be Vinny's Italian Restaurant from about 1958 to 1967, when it became Monti's Restaurant.  It was later Fatstuff's of Philadelphia in 1971 and 1972 before moving to 1592 Main. It then became Wilson & Wilson law office as part of the Cain Building (renamed Wilson Building by 1980).
120 (was 220 before 1953)- Torn down many years ago, this used to be a Piggly Wiggly grocery store starting in September 1940.  It then switched to Margaret Ann in August 1942 until moving to a new store in 1950.  Later in 1950, it became the first Kane's Furniture store until moving to Main St. in 1960. Later that year, this location was taken over by Rug Mart, which operated here until 1966.  Shortly after that in late 1966, it became The Woman's Exchange consignment shop until 1968. 
South Osprey Avenue
1812 - 1812 Osprey: A Neighborhood Bistro (opened in December 2017) used to be Chicken Coop restaurant and lounge from about the early 50's to the early 80's.  It was also listed as Martens' Restaurant from the mid-to-late 70's.  By the mid 80's, it was New York Deli Uptown and then became Anthony's Italian Deli from the late 80's into the early-to-mid 00's. It was later Anthony's Pizza and Pasta, Southside Village Pub, Lucia's and Fandango.
3416 - Practical Car Rental (since 1981) used to be a Robo-Wash Automatic Car Wash from about 1967 to the mid-to-late 70's.
3440 - Siesta Shell Service Station (since 1970) used to be the location of Lewis's Shell Service from at least 1946 to 1949. It then became Finley Shell Service until 1965. From 1965 to 1970, it was Arch Shelton Shell Service.
3500 -  The PNC Bank location is where the popular Simple Sam Market operated from March 1953 to the mid-to-late 80's. The market was known as Siesta Suprex until changing to Simple Sam Suprex in August 1962 (see below - credit: Sarasota News).

3542 - The Oasis Café and Bakery (since 2002) started as Cuban Pete Restaurant in October 1975 and operating until 1977.  After almost a year as The Skramble Sandwich Shop in 1977 and early 1978, it changed to The Patriot Restaurant later in 1978.  It then became Pizza Peddler Restaurant from 1980 until the early 90's.  From 1992 to 2002, it was Augie's Front Burner Restaurant.
3550 - Shakespeare’s Craft Beer & Gastro Pub, located in what was once known as Simple Sam's Plaza used to be The French Hearth Bakery from the late 70's into the 90's.
3825 - Publix supermarket (since 1996) sits today in the former location of the Azar (later Crossroads) Plaza Rocking Chair Theater, which operated from December 1965 to 1991 and was torn down in late 1994.  Photo Crossroads Theater in 1982.

South Palm Avenue
27 - Built in 1922 and operating as Palm Hotel from about 1936 until closing for business in the early-to-mid 80's, DeMarcay Hotel, which was the name it operated under during most of its early years and now known by, was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1984.  DeMarcay Condos are being built on this location, however, the façade of the hotel will be retained.
63 -This used to be the location of Mira-Mar Hotel from 1923 until the mid-to-late 70's.  It was later known as Mira-Mar Resort in the early 80's, before being torn down in 1982.

South Pineapple Avenue
135 - Now the address of Pineapple Park, this used to be Point Gulf Service Station from the 1930's until 1974.  It then became Triple A Auto Air Conditioning until about 1983 before being torn down.
568 - Now primarily L Boutique, this used to be Thornton's Grocery from about the mid 40's until 1961, when it became Star Super Markets.and then Short Stop Groceries. It was later Barker's New & Used Furniture from the late 60's to the mid-to-late 70's and Golden Apple Scenery Shop in the late 70's.

South School Avenue
1 - Located in the former Atlantic Coast Line railroad station at the end of Main Street was Brewmaster's Steak House from about late 1973 to 1983. The train station operated from 1925 to 1971 and was torn down in early 1986.
325 - Torn down in 2017 to make way for residential development, this used to be a Scotty's (originally Home Builders Supply) hardware store from about 1957 until 2004.  The building was later used for The School Avenue Clearance Center (stocked donated items) from 2007 to 2010 and Sarasota Extreme Fitness in the early 2010's.

South Tamiami Trail  (U.S. 41)
707 – Sarasota Ford (since 1995) used to be Anderson Ford (1965 to 1981) and Pelican Ford (1981 to 1995).

787 - A McDonald's restaurant has operated at this location since late 1981 after moving from 1707 S. Tamiami Tr.. It was rebuilt in the early-to-mid 2010's.  Below: McDonald's was close to opening its new location in October 1981.
811 - America's Best Value Inn used to be a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge (pictured below) that opened in 1966 and operated until about the mid 80's, becoming Sunshine EconoLodge in 1986.  It would then resurface as a Howard Johnson Express Inn about ten years later until the late 00's.

855 - Taco Bell used to be a Howard Johnson restaurant from 1953 to 1989. It was also BeMent's Southern Kitchen (1989 to 1993), City Diner, Kenny Rogers’ Roasters and Harvest Rotisserie in the 90’s.
891 - Sarasota Museum of Arts' The Works building used to be Galloway Furniture from 1959 to about 1974.  It would become the Sarasota Optical Center in 1977 and later was Visionworks from about 1990 to 2015.
1055 - Saba Plaza used to be Saba Furniture (later Saba's Home Furnishings) from September 1960 to about 1984.
1127 - This used to be Mr. Pizza No. 2 from early 1967 into 1968.  It then became Bridge-a-torium in 1969 until becoming Fashion Center in 1976.  Later in the 70's, it was used as additional space for Sarasota Camera Exchange.
1155 - Amscot used to be a Royal Castle restaurant (July 1960 to
late 1973 or early 1974). It was then remodeled into a Pan American bank in late 1974.  It later became a Sun Bank in the mid 80's and Optical Value in the mid 90's.  Photo 1: Royal Castle in July 1960. Photo 2: Pan American Bank in the 70's.
1201 - BB&T bank at Midtown Plaza used to be a Sears Auto Center, which was in front of Sears Department Store.  Sears was here from July 1960 until moving to Sarasota Square Mall in 1979. Photos: Sears Department store in the early 1960's at the now Midtown Plaza   
1273 - Elysian Fields (since 1995) at Midtown Plaza used to be Centralfed Mortgage in the early-to-mid 80's and then became First Union Bank in the late 80's and early 90's,
1277 – Panera Bread (since 2010) used to be Bennigan’s Grill &Tavern (1982 to 2010).
1281 - Davidson Drugs has operated at this location at Midtown Plaza since about 1981.
1283 - Michael's Wine Cellar (since December 2000) at Midtown Plaza used to be A Touch Of Art Gallery from about the late 80's to the late 90's. Before that, it was Mae's Fabrics from 1981 to 1987.
1285 - Sassy Hair Fashions was located at Midtown Plaza from the early 80's to about the late 00's or early 2010's.  It was listed at 1291 S. Tamiami Tr. until the mid-to-late 90's.
1287 - This used to be Opus Fashions from September 1981 at Midtown Plaza until moving to Gulf Gate Mall in about 1988.
1305-  This used to be Studio 41 Cine theater (later Studio X) from November 1969 to about 1978.
1325 – The Midtown Plaza supermarket has been converted from a Grand Union (opened in 1981) to Kash & Karry (1984) to Sweetbay (2005) and finally to Winn Dixie in 2014 until closing in 2018. The original grocery store in the plaza (then known as Sears Shopping Plaza) was opened as a Food Fair in September 1958 (see photo) and later rebranded into Pantry Pride in late 1969 until closing in early 1979.  Before the plaza was built, Fred's Cottages operated here from at least the 1930's until the mid-to-late 50's.
1339 -  Papa Nicks Spaghetti House was a popular dining spot with outdoor seating here in the 50's until about 1958. It was Bill's Restaurant in the late 40's.
1357 - This used to be Get It On t-shirts at Midtown Plaza from the early 80's to the late 80's.
1365 - This used to be Mache Imports toy store at Midtown Plaza from the early 80's to the mid-to-late 80's. It then became A Touch of Art Gallery until the late 80's.
1383 - This used to be Bresler's Ice Cream at Midtown Plaza from the early 80's to the mid-to-late 80's. It then became Zack's Frozen Yogurt until the early 90's.
1405 (was 1425 until 1981) - This used to be Martine's Restaurant which, including rebuilds and renovations, was at this location from 1944 (originally Martine's Spaghetti House and also later as Martine's Coach House Restaurant) until the late 70's.  Sea Ketch Restaurant took over the building in 1981 until 1985 and was replaced by Seafood Family Restaurant for a short time after.  
1414 – The Satellite Phone Store used to be a Waffle House restaurant (early 70’s to the late 00’s). In between it was Jeff's Salad Company.  Below : Waffle House
1425 - Baymont Inn & Suites (since the early 90's) used to be Quality Inn South (located with Martine’s Restaurant) from at least 1967 until the mid-to-late 80's. After a brief time as Motel Midtown, it became Hospitality Inn for the rest of the 80's and was Best Western Midtown from the early 90's to 2016. .      
1427 (B) - Verizon Wireless (since late 2010) used to be a Spec's Music store for just about 10 years before closing on the second day of the year 2000.  It would then become a Blockbuster Video store until early 2010.
1428 – The Eyes Specialists location used to be a Krispy Kreme donut shop from 1963 to 1973 and then becoming a dialysis center in the mid-70’s. Many restaurants and businesses on the west side of the trail in the vicinity of Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) would also be turned into or rebuilt as medical centers/practices or acquired by SMH. 
1500 - The former Burger King (1978 until about 2002) sits next to a unit of SMH (Heart and Vascular) and was acquired by and is utilized by the hospital at this time. Prior to Burger King, the property was occupied by the Town House Motel from the early 60's to the mid-to-late 70's, In the 50's, it was Bilkay Motor Court and then King's Court.  Below: Burger King in front of the SMH Heart and Vascular Center in 1998. The restaurant building is now used by SMH.
1507 -  Men's Warehouse (since the late 90's) used to be Color Tile home furnishing center from March 1979 to early 1998.  Before that, it was Lillard-Woodworth Furniture (early-to-mid 50's), Schaffner's Furniture (1957 to 1972) and Buning The Florist (1972 to 1978). 
1540 – The Sarasota Memorial Heart and Vascular location was once the home of the popular Lum’s Restaurant (1967 to 1984), which was known for its hot dogs steamed in beer. Before being torn down, it was also the Sarasota Dental Clinic from the mid-to-late 80's. Below: It's not too clear, but the Lum's and Burger King signs can be seen side-by-side in 1978.
1575 – BankUnited (since 2014) used to be an Arby’s Roast Beef (late 1969 or early 1970 until 2000), followed by Basil’s and later shared by Firehouse Subs and Dunkin Donuts starting in 2005.
1600 - A uniquely shaped drive-in restaurant called Burger Queen once stood in this location presently utilized by SMH mainly for parking. The restaurant opened in 1959 and operated until shortly before being torn down in September 1972.
The French-styled Eddy’s Café was then built and opened here in early 1973, continuing for most of the next eight years (changed to a deli in 1979, then back to Eddy’s in 1980). From 1981 and for the remainder of the 80’s, several eateries passed through, including Michael's Place for Ribs (1981 until renamed as Munich-Haus in late 1983), Chatter's Roadhouse (1984 to 1985), Swensen’s Ice Cream (late 1985 or early 1986 to 1988) and The Parlour (1988 to 1990) before the property was acquired by SMH in the early 90's.   Below: Eddy's Café in 1973 and Michael's A Place For Ribs in 1981 were among the restaurants that occupied the former Burger Queen space after it was rebuilt in 1972-73.

1601 – The Wendy’s Restaurant currently in this location was built in the early 80’s on the site of the old Floridian Court Motel.  Photo: Wendy's Restaurant at 1601 S. Tamiami Trail in 2006.

1630 – Similar to 1600 S Tamiami Trail, this property was acquired by SMH in the early 90’s. Previously, a Mister Donut had been in this location from November 1961 until 1992.  Photos: Mister Donut in the early 1960's.
1635 – Tijuana Flats, which opened in late 2002 was originally a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza (complete with arcade games) built in 1981 and operating until 1988. The location had previously been the home of the Towers Motel and earlier Tower Court Motel for at least 30 years. The pizza would later be served up by Pepperoni’s Pizza and Pasta from the late 80’s to early 90’s. In 1992, hot dogs would become the specialty with a Nathan’s Famous restaurant here for a couple of years.  In late 1994, Dunkin Donuts and Miami Subs moved in to share the space and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream was also here.  Below: Mr. Gatti's Pizza in 1981.
1707 – Chipotle Mexican Grill was the location of a McDonald’s restaurant (one of the first in Florida) for about 25 years starting in April 1957. It briefly became a Long John Silvers restaurant starting in November 1983, then became a Pizza Hut in the mid-80’s for 20 years. Below: 1961 yearbook photo of McDonald's.
1725 - Subway (since late 80's) used to be Herrald’s TV and Sound from the early 70s to late 80’s.  City Paint (late 50's to about 1964), Harris Paint Center (mid 60's) and Maryland Fried Chicken (late 60’s before moving up the street) were here before that.

1737 – Yummy House Restaurant (since May 2018) used to be the popular Kissin Cuzzins’ restaurant from late 1967 until July 1999, becoming Sugar Loaf in December and then a few others (Carpe Diem, Sarasota Café., Mel's, Longetivity Café) in the 00’s.  It then became Square One Burgers from 2010 to 2015.  Going back from 1962 to 1967, this was a Perkins Pancake House.  At right: Kissin Cuzzins' Restaurant. Below:
After major renovations to the building, Sugar Loaf Restaurant opened in December 1999 
1806 - An Amoco service station under various names, including Shorty's, Medical Arts, Hice's, ABC and Allen operated here from November 1952 (see photo) until 1998 when it was torn down to make way for a new building for SMH.
1825 - This used to be an Albritton Fruit store from 1960 to the early 00's before being torn down in 2005. Before Albritton, it was Bellaire Cabana Sales in the late 50's.
1838 - Tastee-Freez was originally here near the intersection of Hillview Street from June 1955 until being moved to 4250 S. Tamiami Tr. in late 1958.
1839 - Adjacent to Midtown Tavern (see 1841 So Tamiami Tr. below), this used to be Bee Tee Restaurant from 1950 to 1955. It then became Wengenroth's German-American Kitchen from 1955 to 1963 and was later Modern Cleaners before being rebuilt in the mid-to-late 60's.
1841 - 7-Eleven (with Exxon) used to be Hillview Exxon (originally Enco) from 1967 to the early-to-mid 90's.  Vacant in the mid 90's (see photo below), the station was rebuilt in the late 90's as Midtown Exxon Tiger Mart until switching to 7-Eleven in 2015. Before becoming a service station, this used to be Midtown Tavern from at least the early 50's to the mid-to-late 60's.

1850 - This location was known in recent years for being the home of the Sugar and Spice Amish restaurant (1984 to late 1997) before the property was acquired by SMH and the building then torn down. The Dutch Pantry (1959 to early 70’s) was the other longtime occupant of the restaurant. Others in between included Garden Inn (1976 to 1977), Tony Thayer's, TR Murphy’s and Gillespie's. Below: Dutch Pantry and Sugar and Spice

1900 – This Plastic Surgery location housed a Phillips 66 Service Station in the 50’s up to about the mid-70’s.
1901 -  FedEx Office Print & Ship Center (earlier Kinko's) used to be the location of a Texaco Service Station under various names from at least 1953 until about 2000.
1935 – Goodwill Industries (since the early-to-mid 90's) was previously a Gulf service station that opened as Hoover's Gulf Service in 1953. By 1956, it had changed to Adkins Gulf Service all the way until about the late 80’s.
2525 - Cabana Inn Motel and Lounge has been at this location since 1958.  The lounge has had various names over the years.
2601 –Center for Sight (since early 2001) was constructed on the site of the former Sunnyside Motel, which had operated since 1950. The motel was demolished in 1999 to build the center.
3201 - Sarasota Physicians Surgical Center used to be Donald-Roberts Furniture (shown below) from 1959 to 1962 or 1963.  It then became Top Value Stamps from 1963 to about the mid 70's.
3500 - Chase Bank (since 2015) operates in the location that was occupied by Swiss Chalet Restaurant from 1941 to the late 50's.  Richmond Construction Company was here in the 60's and 70's and physician's offices from the 80's until being torn down in the mid 2010's.
3501 (60- now 1100) - This used to be a Publix Supermarket from early 1957 to 1994 (torn down in early 1996) in the Southgate Plaza (now Westfield Siesta Key Mall). Saks Fifth Avenue took over the former Publix space from 1996 to 2014.  CinéBistro Siesta Key Theater moved into this location in 2016.
3501 (82) - This was a Woolworth's Department store in Southgate Plaza from early 1957 to early 1994.  It would become Dockside Imports later that year. Photo: Woolworth's in the early-to-mid 60's.
3501 (91) - This used to be a Bresler's 33 Flavors Ice Cream Shop from the mid 60's to the mid-to-late 80's.  Earlier, it was The Middle Shop from early 1957 to the early-to-mid 60's.
3501 (109) - This used to be Crane's Book Store from about 1962 to 1987 after opening in 1960 at unit 71D.  Previously, unit 109 was South Gate Snack House (opened in 1957).
3501 (120) - World Bazaar gifts was at the plaza (originally unit 140) from the early-to-mid 70's to mid-to-late 80's.  Below: World Bazaar, Cloth World and Winn Dixie at Southgate Plaza in the mid 70's.
3501 (130) - Cloth World was here from the August 1972 to mid-to-late 80's.
3501 (200) - The second supermarket at the plaza was Winn Dixie (originally Kwik Check) from January 1957 to the mid 80's.
3501 (240) - This used to be Naylor's Hardware from 1961 to the early 80's. In the mid-to-late 80's, it was Southern Floridabanc Savings Association.
3501 (380) - This used to be Southgate Lanes bowling from 1962 to the mid-to-late 80's.
3501 (400) - The former Dillard's (1991 to 2014) used to be a J.C. Penney (aka Penney's) Department Store from 1961 to 1977.  It then became Robinson's in 1978 before converting to Maison Blanche in 1987.  In 2017, it was announced that Lucky's Market would be taking over at least part of Dillard's space in the mall (opened in October 2017) along with LA Fitness (since 2016).
3501 (600) - Macy's Department Store (since 2005) in the Westfield Siesta Key Mall used to be a W.T. Grant Department Store from 1972 to 1975 (was previously in unit 120 from early 1957 to 1972 before a remodel). It then became Burdine's Department Store from 1976 to 2005.

3501 (950) - Torn down in 1997, this was the site of the popular Brown Derby Restaurant (was briefly called Kapio's in 1989) in the Southgate Plaza (now Westfield Siesta Key Mall) from 1979 to 1994 before becoming Cahill's.  Prior to Brown Derby, it was Morrison's Cafeteria from about 1962 to 1977.  At right: Brown Derby in 1990.  Below: Morrison's Cafeteria (mid 60's) and Brown Derby Restaurant (early 80's)

3800 (20) - Petco (since 2005) at the now Shops at Siesta Row (formerly Paradise Plaza, Crossroads and earlier Azar) plaza used to be Eckerd Drugs from 1973 to 2004, when it converted to CVS and moved to a new location within the plaza.  At about this location earlier was Flair Drugs from late 1963 (opened along with Colonial Bakery next door in a new wing to the plaza) to 1971.  It then became Medi-Mart drugs in rhe middle of 1971 and was also J. Moore Discount temporarily in the summer of 1972.
3800 (21) - The area Pier 1 Imports (since 2015)  now occupies (at least some of it along with CVS) at the Shops at Siesta Row plaza was once an A & P Supermarket.  A & P was in this plaza from March 1959 to late 1978 and replaced by a Great Scot supermarket (1979 to 1981), then Mister C's Warehouse.  A Phar-Mor store opened here in the mid-80's and operated until 2002.  Pier 1 replaced Borders Books (2004 to 2011).

3800 (26) - Gigi's Italian Restaurant was located at the Crossroads Plaza (now Shops at Siesta Row) from 1975 until the early-to-mid 80's.

3800 (33) - The Sawmill Inn was here at the Crossroads Plaza (now Shops at Siesta Row) from 1974 to early 1989.  It then became the Backstreet restaurant.
3800 (44) - Located next to A & P (then at 42 Azar) in the then Azar Plaza was Tyree's Of Sarasota household appliances from May 1959 to about the end of 1968.  It then became a Western Auto store for a couple of years after that.
3800 (100) - TCBY has operated at this location since about 1985.
3825 - Johnny's Car Wash has been in this location since June 1959. It opened as South Gate Auto Service with a Phillips 66 service station and car wash). Below: Johnny's Car Wash around the mid 60's after switching to Esso.
3875 - McDonald's was built on the site previously occupied by Boston Market (briefly Boston Chicken) restaurant from 1993 to 2009.  From 1960 to the early 90's, this location was a bank (Sarasota Federal Savings until the early 70's, then Coast Savings). Even earlier from the mid-to-late 50's, it was Gulf Cities Gas Corp. Below 1: Boston Market in 2007. Below 2: Sarasota Federal Savings in 1969.

3880 - This used to be a Shakey's Pizza restaurant in the late 60's and early 70's.  The pizza parlor featured live striped-shirt musicians playing ragtime-type music, mainly using the banjo and piano. A USN Recruiting office along with several other recruiting offices operated at about this location from the mid 70's to mid 80's.
3901 - Located at the southeast corner of S. Tamiami Tr, and Bee Ridge next to Dixie Lee's was Meyers Cities Service (rebranded as Citgo in 1965) from 1959 until 1972, when it briefly changed to Klean Citgo before closing.  It had earlier been Southside Service Station in the 50's.  In September 1976, the vacant station became J.D. Carpet Brokers. It was later a real estate office in the 80's and Florida Blueprint in the 90's before being torn down in 1998 to build the Walgreens Pharmacy that is currently operating at this location.
3902 - Valvoline Instant Oil Change (since 2013) used to be the location of the Trail Union 76 service station from the early 70's to the early 90's. after starting out as Anderson's Pure Oil about 1967.  It was later Florida Car Care Center (early-to-mid 90's) and then Mobil 1 Lube Express (mid 90's to 2013).
3904 - Mattress Firm used to be a restaurant/lounge, including Shannon's Way (1977-1983), Impressions of Sarasota, 1776 Restaurant (1985-1992), Stockyard Steakhouse, Banana's Bar & Grill and Notorious.  By 2000, it became a Ritz Camera and Boater's World store. Below: The upper façade of the 1776 Restaurant in 1986.

3908 - Supercuts (since early 90's) used to be Jay's Shoes (early 1978 to 1983). In between, it was First American Title.   Photo: In 1978, Jay's Shoes, Super Value Drugs and Shannon's Way Pub shared the small plaza that still sits just south of the Bee Ridge Rd./So. Tamiami Tr. intersection.
3909 - Torn down in 1998 to make way for Walgreens, this used to be Dixie Lee's Liquors from the late 40's until the mid-to-late 80's before moving just around the corner (to 2030 Bee Ridge Rd until 1997).  It then became O'Lyn Callahan's Yamaha Music Center and later Classic Keyboard in the mid 90's.  Photo: Dixie Lee Liquors at 3909 S. Tamiami Tr., referred to as "3909 Boondoggle Blvd" by Dixie Lee due to never-ending construction for road widening that limited the access to the building.

3917 - Located close to Dixie Lee from the late 40's to late 50's was El Rancho Drive In Restaurant. It later became Bargain House and Quality Autos in the early-to-mid 60;s.
3934 - Located in the vicinity of where Sonny's B-B-Q (since 1994) stands today, this was Super Test Oil Co. service station from the mid 50's to the early 70's, becoming a Citgo station until the mid-to-late 70's.  It then became Snoopy's Original Vienna Hot Dogs and Sandwiches from the late 70's to mid 80's.  Later in the 80's, it was also Lloyd's Auto Palace and Hub Caps Plus.
3935 - Located at about where Sir Speedy Printing is today, this used to be A's Giant Sandwiches from the mid 60's to about 1979 (A's would soon thereafter move to its present location at 6300 S. Tamiami Tr). It then became Two Guys From Italy Deli for a short time in the early 80's.  Originally, this was Jules Army-Navy Surplus store (with a rocket sign out front) from late 1958 to the early 60's. Photos: Jules Army-Navy Surplus store from 1958 and A's Giant Sandwiches from the mid-70's.  Credit:  If you grew up in Sarasota..then you remember.
3971 - Bonefish Grill (since 2001) used to be an Applebee's restaurant from 1990 to 2000.
3979 - Diamond Vault (since 2011) used to be Peaches Music (late 1989 to 1995), then West Marine from 1995 to 2010 before moving down the street.

4000 - IHOP restaurant used to be a Village Inn Restaurant (1977 to 2008).  This was also the address of Snelling Plaza from 1976 to 1995, and before that, it was a Montgomery Ward department store from February 1965 to early 1976. At left: Village Inn in 2007.  At right: Montgomery Ward sign in 1973.

4000 (102) - This used to be an S & H Green Stamps Redemption Center at Snelling Plaza from late 1977 to the mid 80's.
4000 (103) - This used to be Catherine's ladies dress shop at Snelling Plaza from late 1977 to the early 90's.
4001 -  Café Baci Restaurant (since 1991) used to be a Western Sizzlin' Restaurant from February 1971 to 1990. Below 1: Western Sizzlin' in 1989 and Café Baci at the same location in 2011.  Below 2: Western Sizzlin in 1972.

4010 - Barnes & Noble opened here in December 1995.
4020 - Best Buy has been open here since September 1996.
4023 - Verizon  (since 2015) occupies the area that was the home of the very popular El Adobe Mexican Restaurant from 1974 to 2014.  Other restaurants here included Blake's (opened in September 1955), Burger King (July 1956 to about 1960), Lobster Claw (opened in late 1960 until 1961), Dari-Delite (opened in December 1961 until 1962), Little Pig's House (opened in January 1963 until early 1964), Trail B-B-Q (opened in summer of 1964), Beef Pit (opened in October 1965), Gordon's Diner (opened in 1968) and Romano's Italian Restaurant (1970 to 1974).  Below: 1. El Adobe Restaurant sign in the 80's and in 2014. 2. Burger King in 1956

4034 - Now the site of a future Regions Bank being built in front of Best Buy, this used to be the location of a Steak and Ale restaurant that was built in late 1977 and operated all the way until 2007.
4035 - The former Puppy Town used to be the Self Service Shoe from the late 50's until the early 90's.  It then became Great Deals on Heels from 1991 until 1993 and then Futons Etc. for about a decade.  Below: Self Service Shoe Store sign in 1989 and Great Deals on Heels store in 1992.

4065 - Lox and Egg (since 2006) used to be a Burger King from about 1967 to 1978.  It turned into Buning the Florist from 1979 to 1987, then Sub Conscious sandwich shop (1987 to about 1993-see below from 1991) and Manhattan Bagel (mid 90's to 2006).
Below: Great photo from early 1974 where Burger King (now Lox and Egg) can be seen on the far left along with several long lost businesses that were located at about the area where Trader Joe's operates today. These include: Vel-von Paint Center, Butler TV, Double Knit Factory Outlet (shown having a going out of business sale before the store closed in 2/74) and Discount Tire Center (later H & H Hobby Sales from the late 70's to early 90's).
4101 - Trader Joe's (since 2012) was a Rooms To Go furniture store from the mid 90's until moving up the street in 2011.
4114 - Totally Wicked USA used to be The Dog House Restaurant in the mid-to-late 60's. It then became Cannon Music Co. from the early 70's to the early-to-mid 80's, when it was replaced by Classic Mattress.  Later in the 80's, it was Afabar Oriental Rugs and then GTE Cellular Communications until the early 90's. It has also been Floor Depot (most of the rest of the 90's), E-Z Check Cashing, C'est Cheese and Print & Ink.
4121 - Torn down by the mid 90's, this used to be H & H Hobby Sales from the late 70's to early 90's,
It had earlier been Pyrofax Bottled Gas Corp. from the late 50's to the early 70's, Discount Tire Center (see above) in the early-to-mid 70's and Quality Service Appliance Repair in the mid 70's.
4123 - Now used for parking, this used to be a Pay-Less Service Station (see photo) from the early 70's until the mid 80's before being torn down in 1986.  Earlier, it was an Empire Service Station from about 1957 to 1962 and a Kayo Service Station from 1963 to the early 70's.
4130 - T-Mobile operates in an area once occupied by the All Night Chevron station (see photo) in the 80's and a Standard station in the 60's and 70's.
4131 - Chili's Restaurant was built in 1986 at the location that used to be the Trail-Vu Motel from the mid 50's to 1984.

4141(10) - Siam Orchard Thai Restaurant (since 1988) in Chili's Plaza used to be Stewardo's Italian Cuisine in 1987.
4144 -  Walt's Fish Market (since 1977) used to be a Burger Chef restaurant from August 1967 to 1974. In between it was Wilcox House of Music. Photos: Burger Chef can be seen in 1967 and Walt's Fish Market in 1989 next to the sign for the above-mentioned Chevron station.

4180 - Sarasota Watch Company used to be a Radio Shack store from October 1974 to about 1988.  It then became NRS Atlas Realty into the 90's.
4200 - Mattress One (at 4238 S. Tamiami) occupies the area that was the home of the Fashion Door store from 1978 until the early-to-mid 90's and then became The Christmas Shoppee.  In the early-to-late 70's, it was Mort's Sportsman Cove and later Castro Convertibles. Even prior to that, a Sunoco station was here from about 1955 to 1970.  Below: The Fashion Door in 1978.
4215- The former America's Mattress used to be Ball & Shoe Sports Center from 1972 to the mid 90's and was then located in the same plaza under different addresses until the early-to-mid 2010's.
4221 -Dulcefina Chocolates is listed at the address that used to be Kue & Karom Billiards from 1963 to 1969, when it changed to 4223 So.Tamiami Tr.. Indian Gift Shop moved to this address from 3933 So. Tamiami Tr. in May 1969 until about 1977.
4225 - Jewelry Design Center (since about the late 90's) used to be Ron Evans Pool & Patio from April 1975 until the early-to-mid 80's, when it became Pool & Patio Showcase until the late 90s.
4227 - Dinettes Unlimited (opened in September 1976 as Mr. Dinette until changing to Dinettes Unlimited in July 1977) used to be The Furniture Warehouse from 1973 to 1976.
4231 - Ace Hardware used to be a Masters Catalog Showroom from the early 70's to about 1984, then Midtown Hardware's Home Basics from the mid 80's to early 00's.
4250 - A small plaza now occupies the area where a Tastee-Freez ice cream stand stood for nearly 25 years from November 1958 until about 1983.  It had been moved from 1838 South Tamiami Trail in the late 50's. Below:
Tastee-Freez in the 1960's.

4321 - Starbucks and Mattress Firm (earlier Mattress Giant and both since 2004) used to be the location of Sarasota Cloth & Fabric from the mid-to-late 60's to about the late 90's.  Earlier, it was Olde Glass & Lamp Co. from the mid 50's to early 60's and Kustrum House furniture repair from the early-to-mid 60's.
4333 - King James men's fashions (since 1993 after moving from Snelling Plaza) used to be BeMent's Chicken Restaurant (later known as BeMent's Country Boy) known for their broasted chicken from late 1959 until 1983. It had previously been Harbor Oaks Restaurant (opened in December 1955) and Golden Chicken (opened in November 1958) . In between BeMents and King James, it was Frankie C's and Hooter restaurants as well as Greatland Gold & Diamond and Bodywrap Int.. Below:
BeMent's Chicken from a 1960's postcard and later in 1978 as BeMent's Country Boy Restaurant.

4407 - Giggles (since 1997) used to be Katy's Kloset dress shop from the mid-70's to late 80's. In between, it was Mimi's Petite Boutique.
4410 - Demetrio's Restaurant & Pizza opened in early 1975 and is still here after over 40 years. Below: Demetrio's in 1975.

4413 - Taste Of Asia restaurant (since 2013) used to be a Wendy's restaurant from 1976 to the late 90's, followed by Shang Hai Express from the late 90's to about 2007.
4420 - Shelly's Gifts and Christmas Boutique (since 2016) occupies the property which held both a Blimpie sandwich shop and Rita's Italian Ice store from 1999 to about 2006. although the Blimpie and faded Rita's signs still stood for several years after the building was torn down (see below).  Among the other businesses at this location was a Gulf service station (Walker's Gulf until 1977) from December 1960 to about 1980 and Allied Tires from the early to late 80's. Below 1: A Blimpie/Rita's Ad from the store opening in July 1999, the store in 2007 after it had closed, and the sign out front that stood until 2015, several years after the building had been torn down. Below 2: Walker's Gulf in December 1960.

4440 - From early 1955 until about late 1967, this used to be the Big Mug open-air root beer stand.  It was torn down shortly after closing. Below: 1955 ad and 1961 photo of Big Mug..

4441 - This used to be Mel's Furniture from about 1959 until becoming Casual Furniture in the early 80's to the mid 80's. From there, it became Bob's Carpet Mart from the mid 80's to early 00's, Piano Distributors from April 2001 until about the late 00's and Interior Consignments. Builders Model Home Furniture moved into a least part of the building in 2018.
4450 - Marlin's Raw Superfood For Pets (since 2017) used to be the Hong Kong Kitchen restaurant from 1972 until the early 90's.  After Hong Kong Kitchen, it was Sarasota Medical Center from 1994 to 2017 before moving to Bee Ridge Rd. 
4500 - Florida Surgical Supply (since the mid-00's) was built as a Maryland Fried Chicken restaurant (1969 to 1973),  somehow turning into Tamiami Adult Books (mid 70's), but is most known for its time as the popular Camel's Den restaurant (1978 to 1993).   Other restaurants here included Villa Capri (1994-late 90's), International House of Curries and Yanni's Greek Tavern (2001-mid 00's). Below: Camel's Den Restaurant in 1978 and the same building as Florida Surgical Supply over 30 years later.

4501 - The former Builders Model Home Furniture (mid 90's until moving to 4441 S. Tamiami Tr. in 2018) used to be Buchman Motors from 1965 until March 1973 when it became Bob Barkley Toyota until moving up the road in 1983.  It then became Sarasota Chrysler Plymouth and later Southpointe Mazda in the mid-to-late 80's.
4520 - Alpine Steakhouse (since early 90's) used to be the China Inn restaurant (1971 to 1978) and Rose Garden restaurant (1978 to 1985). Earlier, it was Topper's Steak House (1968 to 1969) and Trail Hickory Bar-B-Q (1969-1970).  In the mid-to-late 80's, Capone's Pizza and Crab Company restaurant were here.  Below: China Inn in 1972  The Enco station on the left is Al Fige's Servicenter.
4586 - Pamaro Shop Furniture (since the mid 90's) used to be Seating Gallery Furniture from about 1986 to 1990.  In the early to mid 90's, it was Paradise Cable and Wings Surf & Sport clothing.
4602-  This used to be an Enco Service Station (Exxon after 1972) under several names that was built in 1967 and operated until 1985. It was torn down shortly after and the now Pamaro Shop was built at this location.
4608 - The former G. Fried Flooring (1973 to 2018 before moving to 5990 S. Tamiami Tr.) used to be the location of the Chiropractic Health Center from the late 50's through the 60's. It was also Portrait Pools in the early 70's before being rebuilt.
4613 - Torn down in 2015, this used to be Wilson's Texaco (later Wilson's Spur by 1968) from 1952 to about the late 80's). The building was restored with Texaco pumps as Studio 41 gallery in the late 90'sBelow:
Although it had closed by the time this photo was taken in the mid-90's, Wilson's Spur Service Station (formerly Texaco) and its gas pumps were still standing at 4613 S. Tamami Trail before being restored a few years later.

4625 - Posh Plum Furniture Consignment used to be the location of The Spinning Wheel Inn Restaurant from 1952 to 1959.  Also there during that time was a gift shop (South Wheel Shop).   It became Reliable Refinishing in the early 60's.
4650 - Ashley HomeStore (since 2015) used to be Haverty's Furniture from late 1969 to early 2001 before moving up the street. In between, it was DeSears Appliances from 2002 to 2009, then reopened from 2011 to 2014. Below: Haverty's Furniture at its prior location at 4650 S. Tamiami Tr.
Below: Signs of many businesses establishments stand along S. Tamiami Tr. in the below S-HT photo from early 1985 including Haverty's Furniture, G, Fried Flooring, Bill's Exxon, Rose Garden Restaurant, Camel's Den Restaurant, Hong Kong Kitchen, Allied Tires, Demetrio's Restaurant and All Night Chevron.

4675 - Sarasota Classified/Teachers' Association (SCTA) used to be The Bedspread and Drapery Shop from 1973 to the early 90's.  In between, it was Child Berth children's furniture store from the early-to-mid 90's.  At right: The Bedspread and Drapery Shop in the mid 80's.
4708 - West Marine (since 2010) used to be a Circuit City electronics store from about 1992 to 2010. Photo: Circuit City shortly before closing in 2010.

4730 - This building that now houses multiple stores (Subway, Zoom Tan, Great Clips, Tuesday Morning) used to be a Bookstop bookstore from 1992 to 1996.  It then became split between a Blockbuster Video store (1997 to 2010). and Pier One Imports (1997 to 2015). Photos: Bookstop in 1993 and 1996.
4831 - A Mr. Steak Restaurant was here from 1969 to 1974, followed by Uppy's Family Restaurant for about a couple of years starting in late 1974. The Manatee Public Library Digital Collection website has a great photo of the restaurant as Mr. Steak.
4840 - Publix Supermarket (since early 2009) in the Landings Plaza used to be an Albertsons Market from 1988 to 2008.  Photo:Albertsons (now Publix) at The Landings Plaza
4850 -  This used to be a Radio Shack store in the Landings Plaza from about 1989 to early 2015. Below: Radio Shack closing sale at The Landings Plaza in February 2015.
4854 - The former Pho Saigon Restaurant (opened in 2015) in the Landings Plaza used to be Chicken Club Restaurant from 1992 to 1995, when it became Polo Club.  From early 1997 into the early-to-mid 00's, it was Better Bagels and then Sushi Raw Bar by the mid 00's. It would later become Kirei Sora Japanese Restaurant and Mayta's Peruvian Restaurant (opened in 2012).
4871 - Sherwin-Williams Paints (since 1978) used to be Babcock Furniture from 1969 to the mid 70's. In between, it was H & H Hobby Sales.
4934 - Jo-Ann Fabrics (since 1997) in the Landings Plaza used to be a Discovery Zone (DZ) children's play center from late 1993 to late 1996.  Earlier it was Cloth World from 1988 to 1993.
4940 - The former Office Depot (early 90's to 2015) in the Landings Plaza used to be a Lechmere electronics and appliance store (1987-1989). Photo: Lechmere just before closing its Florida stores including this one at the Landings in 1989.
4944 - Kruk's Philly Steaks Restaurant in the Landings Plaza used to be a Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurant from 2005 to late 2013. Before that, it had been Uptech Computer from about 1993 to 2004 before moving to a new location.
4949 - BP Service Station at the Philippi St. intersection used to be Lester's Amoco from about 1957 to 1977.  It continued as an Amoco station under various names until being converted to BP in the early-to-mid 00's.
4994 - Sweet Tomatoes restaurant (since 1996) used to be a Casa Lupita restaurant that opened in 1985 and became Casa Amigos in 1990.
5005 - Sunset Porsche and Volkswagen used to be Stinnett Pontiac from the late 60's until changing to Suncoast Pontiac in the late 90's.  Detroiter Motel was previously at this location from about the mid 50's to late 60's.
5170 - Rooms To Go (since 2011) used to be Darby Buick from April 1966 to 2006 after moving from 2199 Ringling Blvd..
5211 - Grind Fit (since 2015) used to be Hot Flash Fashions (earlier Richie Pants) from the early-to-mid 80's to the early 90's before moving to the Landings Plaza. Earlier, this was Mattress King in the early 80's and was later Signs Now in the 90's, Contemporary Furniture in the 00's and Asanka Cars in the early-to-mid 2010's.
5225 - Hertz Rent-A-Car (since the early 2010's) used to be a Midas Muffler Shop from the early-to-mid 80's until the early 00's after being Cars Muffler Shops beginning in the late 70's. In between Midas and Hertz, it was Drapes and Shutters, Decorating Resources and Appliance Electronics. Before being rebuilt, Big Top Esso/Enco service station was at this location from 1960 to 1970 and then River Forest Enco/Exxon from 1970 to 1975.
5251 - Leather Gallery and Bedding Center (since 2014) used to be a Radio Shack Computer Center from 1982 to the early 90's. Ethan Allen Design Center was also here from 2008 to early 2014.
5252 - The current Furniture Warehouse used to be Kane's Furniture (Kalin's since 2013) from February 1968 to 2016.  Before being torn down to build the furniture store, Hollyhurst Court and Apartments was at this location from 1948 to 1956.  It then became Hollyhurst Motel from 1956 to 1966. Below: Kane's Furniture in 1968.
5365 - The Table Creekside Restaurant used to be Abbey's Oyster Bar in the 80''s and first part of the 90's. Earlier in the 70's, it was Stein & Vine and then Weigh-Inn Restaurants before becoming Abbey Marine midway through the decade..
5750 - The former Say it with Stiches used to be Pompano Grill from late 1951 to about 1973. It then became Matt & Ruby's Tavern and later Y-Knot Bar & Grill until Toma's Water Conditioning moved in around 1979..
5778 - Joe-Lin Lampshades (since 1987) used to be Horner's Corner Sundries, which opened in January 1952.  By August 1952, it had become Barton's Corner Sundries (see below) and then Swede's Sundries from 1955 to the mid 60's. It was later Lo-Rene's Fabrics (mid 60's), Ellen Swope School Of Dancing (late 60's), Scandia Construction (early 70's), Brownies Pool Clinic (early 70's to early-to-mid 80's) and Echo clothing (mid 80's).

5900 - Now the site of a plaza (opened in 1986 as DeSears Plaza), this used to be the site of the Star Lite Restaurant from 1954 to the late 70's. It was also known as Uncle Otey's Star Lite Pancake & Steak House beginning in the mid 60's.  The restaurant was accompanied by a service station (Phillips 66, then Esso-Enco) until the early 70's, when it became Flowers by Otey.
6018 - Economy Tackle has been here (address was 6024 So. Tamiami until 1962) since November 1949.
6024 - Now a four-unit retail building, this used to be Chick-n-Treat Restaurant from 1965 until 1967 and then was Pizza Shanty in 1968 and 1969.  In the 70's, this was a real estate office before becoming The Video Connection in the early 80's. It then became The Wallpaper Store and later Stereorama from 1988 and through the 90's.
6050 - A to Z Autos was built in 1955 as Carlisle Service Station.  After a few changes, it became Royal Tire from 1964 to 1969 and South Trail Tire from 1969 to about the mid 90's.  It would then become Don Olson Tire and later was a GCR Tire Center.  Photo: South Trail Tire sold Phillips 66 gasoline here in the early 70's.  Smith Auto Sales and Economy Tackle (still there today) can be seen in the background.
6104 - Mobil and On the Move used to be a 7-Eleven from 1987 to 2014.  Previously at this location among other businesses was Alice's Beauty Salon from about 1950 to 1977. Below: Location of Alice's Beauty Salon in 1972.

6112 - The Oaks B-B-Q restaurant (since 1989) was occupied by many different businesses from 1973 to 1989 including Mitchell Black Top Co, Madam Christine Palm Reading, El Conquistador Health Club, Accent Music and Pleasure Pub.
6115 - Before being torn down and rebuilt into a small strip mall, this used to be a Pizza Hut from about late 1971 to the early-to-mid 00's.  It was also Wireless Giant in the mid 00's.
Photo: Wireless Giant (used to be a Pizza Hut) can be seen from the 7-Eleven across the street in 2006.

6123 - The former Subway (mid 00's to 2016) and now Direct Auto & Life Insurance used to be a Mister Donut (1972 to about 1993) and Dunkin' Donuts (1993 to 2002).  Below: Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins in 2002.

6125 - Pho 101 (since 2015) used to be a Lum's restaurant (from 1971 to about 1984) and Mrs. Chens Chinese restaurant (1993 to 2015). In between, the names included Baxter's, Abshires, Café Seville, Giorgio's and Spiro's. Below: Subway and Mrs. Chen's Restaurants in 2013 and Direct Auto & Life and Pho 101 Restaurant at the same location in 2018.

6131 - New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (since 1998) used to be a Ponderosa restaurant from March 1976 until about 1997.
6206 - This used to be Staedke Court from about 1950 to 1960 and Harlan Homes from 1960 to 1962.
6212 - Marathon (since 2002) used to the location of a Bay Service Station and Poor Ole Mac mini market from 1970 until becoming Starvin Marvin from 1980 to about the mid 90's.  Also at this location used to be Lynne Motel from about 1950 all the way through the 90's.
6240 - The former Square 1 Burgers (2015 to 2017) used to be the Li'l Villa Italian American restaurant from about 1971 to 1987.  Prior to that, it was Jerry's Restaurant from at least the mid 50's to the early 70's and later Mario's Restaurant in the late 80's and 90's, J.B.’s,.Ref’s Sportsgrille and Sarah's.
6285 - Dunkin Donuts (since 2015) used to be a Burger King from about 1984 to late 2013. A service station owned by Tropic Oil had been here in the 1960's through the early 80's featuring brands such as Phillips 66 and Bay.  Also here during that time from about 1974 to the early 80's was a restaurant (Zip'z Ice Cream, Jim's Café and then Dutch Valley from March 1978 until moving to its current location at 6727 S. Tamiami Tr.).
6300 (1) - A's Giant Sandwiches has been in this location since the early 80's. Courtney's Cleaners may have been here in the mid-to-late 70's.
6307 - Gordon Food Service (since 2014) was the location of Sound Advice from 1987 to 2008 (torn down in 2014).  Also here from the mid 70's to late 1986 or early 1987 was Crown Liquors & Lounge (listed at 2020 Jo-Ann Drive). Below: Crown Liquors & Lounge in the 80's and Sound Advice in the 00's.

6320 - Torn down around 2010, this used to be the location of an Empire Service Station from 1963 to 1984.  Safelite Auto Glass was later here (mid 80's through the 90's) as well as Leather Gallery. Seen in the background of the below photo is Rattan Village Furniture.

6331 - SMH Urgent Care at Stickney Point (since 2011) used to be a Sambo's restaurant (1976 to late 1982) with a name change to Season's Friendly Eating until 1984.  Restaurants here between 1984 and the change to a health care facility included Village Inn (mid 80's to 1990), Farmer's Country Kitchen (1991 to mid 90's), Half Baked Café, Tropical Shores Café, Demetrio's, Fish Tales and Petrella Bros.
6338 - Built in 1972 as Rattan Village, this furniture store would be known as Florida Patio & Rattan during the first half of the 80's.  It then became TV & Appliance World in 1985 and Rex Appliances from the early 90's to 1999.  Before being torn down around 2010, it was Appliance Depot & More from the early-to-mid 00's and temporary quarters for Furniture Warehouse in 2007 and 2008.
6345 - Torn down in 2018, the former Florida Underwater Sports (moved up the street) used to be the location of a Cities Service/Citgo Service Station (primarily Upman's) from the mid 50's to the mid-to-late 70's, when it became Gulf Gate U-Save for most of the next ten years.  It was rebuilt into a Jiffy Lube in 1988 and then turned into a McDonald's PlayPlace by 1993 for the rest of the decade.  Later businesses here included Quality Glass and Blinds, and Sundance Spas.

6347 - McDonald's opened its second Sarasota location here in 1970 (13 years after the first location was built) and is still operating today, although it was rebuilt and reopened at the end of 2018. Photo: McDonald's and a Citgo station at 6345 S. Tamiami Tr.(later the location of a Jiffy Lube in the late 80's/early 90's, a McDonald's PlayPlace for the rest of the 90's and most recently Florida Underwater Sports until being torn down in 2018) can be seen from about the mid 70's.

6449 - Eager Beaver Car Wash (since 1977) used to be a used car lot (mainly Reynolds & Sons) from the late 60's to 1976.   Below: Early photo of Eager Beaver Car Wash sign when it sold Exxon gasoline:
6465 - This used to be Saprito Fruit Shippers from about 1954 to 1962.
6494 - This used to be a Shell Service Station (Stickney Point Shell, Colonial Shell and then South Key Shell) at the northeast corner of the So. Tamiami Tr. and Stickney Point Rd. intersection from about 1969 until shortly before being torn down in 2005 to make way from condo and retail development.  The lot was still vacant as of 2018. Below: South Key Shell as seen from the Walgreens parking lot across the street in 1997.

6499 - Torn down in early 1995 to make way for Walgreens, this used to be Marty's Service Station (Sinclair until converted to BP in the late 60's) from 1959 to about 1973, when it became Suncoast Oil of Sarasota and then Gulf Gate Fina.  From 1984 to 1995, it was Economy Auto Rental. Before the service station was built, Via's Bar was at this location from the mid 50's until moving next door to 2027 Stickney Point, where (as The Crazy Fox, earlier had changed name to Golden Anchor from 1986 to 1990) it would operate until the same time in 1995.
6501 - The Sarasota Pavilion shopping plaza (formerly Gulf Gate Mall) location once housed the Siesta Drive-In Theater from late 1952 to 1960.
6501 - Gulf Gate Hardware (located at Gulf Gate Mall) operated from March 1963 to about 1983.
6501 - SunTrust Bank used to be Coast Federal Savings & Loan (also Coast Bank) from the early 70's to about 1993.
6502 - Before being torn down to make way for a turn lane off of Stickney Point Road in the mid-to-late 90's, this was primarily the home of a Royal Castle restaurant (September 1960 to late 1973 or early 1974) and the original home of The Oaks B-B-Q restaurant from the late 70's to 1989.  Cross Roads Drive-In restaurant had previously been at this location from November 1949 to the late 50's.
6503 (10) - This used to be Terry Shulman's Discount Health and Beauty Aids store at the Gulf Gate Mall from 1987 to early 1995.  Previously, it had been a Walgreens Liquor Store from the mid 70's to 1987.
6503 (20) - This location at the Gulf Gate Mall next to Publix started as a Sarasota Federal Savings & Loan from the mid 60's to early 70's, followed by Book Corner in the early 70's,  It then became Mrs. O'Leary's Lounge around 1973 or 1974 until the mid-to-late 80's.  From the late 80's until moving to a new location during the conversion to the Sarasota Pavilion in 2000, it was a Hooters Restaurant.
6503 (25) - This location at the Gulf Gate Mall started as a Walgreens Pharmacy from 1965 to the early-to-mid 90's, followed by Books-A-Million from 1994 until moving to a new location during the conversion to the Sarasota Pavilion in 2000.  Below: Walgreens in 1965

6503 (60) - This used to be DeSear's Appliances from about 1972 until the mid 80's, when it became The Portable Store for the rest of the decade.
6503 (100) - This used to be TGI Friday's Restaurant from about 1988 until February 1997. Previously at 100 Gulf Gate Mall was Deannie's (women's clothing store) from about 1976 to 1987.
6503 (134, later 405) - This used to be The Alphabet Shop (gifts from A-to-Z) from 1968 to about 1990. Previously, it had been The Shanty gift shop.
6503 (142) - This used to be Village Cobbler Shoe Store from about 1972 to 1977. It later became Carpet Warehouse in 1979.  From 1965 to 1971, it was Leeds Shoe Store, Goody Shoes and Gulf Gate Shoe Store. Below:Village Cobbler at Gulf Gate Mall

6503 (200) - Gulf Gate Cinema 1 & 2 opened in June 1971 and operated until the Gulf Gate Cinema 8 theatre was built after a renovation to the mall in 1987.  The cinema closed in November 1997.
6503 (415) - Opus Fashions was here at the Gulf Gate Mall from the late 80's until 1996.
6505 - This used to be a Publix Supermarket at Gulf Gate Mall from July 1962 to the start of the year 2000 when it moved to a brand new location across the lot during the conversion to Sarasota Pavilion.
6508 - Splash Sun & Fun used to be a Gateway Country computer store from 1999 to 2004.  A service station was in this area in the 60's and early 70's followed by Milex Precision Auto Tune-Up and Interstate Transmissions (late 70's to mid 90's).
6522 - Before Sea Oats Plaza was built in the early 80's, Johnny Nicholas Restaurant was here from October 1958 to May 1974.  Before that, it was the Patio Restaurant.
6535 (was 6503 unit 150) - Stein Mart department store (since August 1994) used to be a Belk Lindsey department store from January 1968 to May 1994. This building remained in its same location (with renovations) during the conversion of the Gulf Gate Mall to the Sarasota Pavilion in the late 90's. Below: Belk-Lindsey in the early-to-mid 70's.
6555 - Beall's Outlet (since February 2014) at Sarasota Pavilion used to be an Old Navy clothing store from early 2000 until 2012.9
6561 (was 6503 unit 350) - Marshall's Department Store has been located at Sarasota Pavilion (formerly Gulf Gate Mall) since about 1983.  Previously here was Holiday Department Store from 1966 to 1982.
6591 - PetSmart (opened in October 2018) at Sarasota Pavilion used to be Books-A-Million from September 2000 to December 2017.
6606 - Gecko's Grill & Pub (2017) used to be a Denny's Restaurant (built on the old Siesta Villa Motel site) from the mid 80's to the mid 90's. It later became Water Grill, TP Hans, Friendly's Restaurant (2003 to 2005), Big Al's, Legacy, Bogey's and Harry's Sports Bar & Grill (2013 to 2017).
6700 - Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (since 2000) was the location of the Windjammer/Davey Jones Locker restaurant from June 1969 to the mid-to-late 80's and Cook's restaurant before that from 1967 to 1969.  From 1989 to the late 90's, it was a car dealership (Mazda of Sarasota). Below:
Cook's and Windjammer Restaurants both at 6700 S, Tamiami Trail.

6727 - Dutch Valley restaurant (in this location since about 1982 after moving from 6285 S. Tamiami Tr.) used to be a Ranch House restaurant (opened in late 1970 or early 1971 and operated until the early 80's).  Below: Ranch House Restaurant (now Dutch Valley).
6728 - Dan's Fan City (since 1989) used to be Chappie's Carpet and Floors from the late 60's to mid-to-late 80's. Prior to that, it was Paul's Garden Store.
6731 - The Mellow Mushroom Restaurant location is where a Jerry Lewis Cinema opened in July 1972 (see below), becoming the South Trail Cinema in 1973 until 1993 (and making the national news in 1991).  A Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant was then built here, but would become Manhattan Bar & Grill shortly after in the mid 90's for close to 15 years, later becoming Beckham's Bar & Grill.   Below: Jerry Lewis Cinema shortly before opening in July 1972. 
Below: Students line up for a special showing at South Trail Cinema in January 1977 . Ranch House Restaurant (now Dutch Valley) can be seen in the background. Credit: S H-T

6747 - Red Lobster Restaurant opened in December 1970 and is still here over 48 years later. Below: Red Lobster in December 1970.

6828 - AutoNation Collision Center (since 2016) used to be Urfer Volkswagen from 1969 until being sold and becoming Gulf Gate Imports in 1976.  It then became Gulf Gate Motors by 1981, Glauser Mercedes Benz by 1985 and Mercedes Benz of Sarasota in 2004 until about the late 00's. This had previously been the location of Sail Inn Motel from 1953 to about 1967 before being torn down.
6914 - This location used to be the House of Chong Restaurant (September 1977 to 1993) and then Homestyle Harmony (1994 to late 1997 or early 1998) complete with singing waiters and waitresses. Prior to House of Chong, this was the location of Blue Skies Trailer Park from about 1956 to 1976.
6969 - The former Tammie's Patio (2014 to 2018, but products still available at 2160 Whitfield Ave.) used to be Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips (May 1977 to 1981). It was also La Magurita, Leo's Steak and Seafood, Perfectly Frank (hot dogs were on the menu, of course), Suncoast Citrus (late 80's to early 00's), 6969 Design Guild and Underground Auto Styling.
7010 - Budget and Avis Car Rentals used to be Astro Car Wash from the late 70's to early 80's.  It then became Rainbow Car Wash from the early-to-mid 80's until the early 90's.  It later became Golden Chamois Car Wash in 1991 and Second Chance Auto Sales in 1995.
7110 - Ed Howard Lincoln-Mercury used to be Sarasota Lincoln-Mercury from 1978 to 1982. This had previously been the site of the Fountain Court Motel.

7113 - The Devyn Event Venue (since 2014) used to be Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse from early 2000 to 2010 and Livingston's Billiards/Rack & Roll Café prior to that . Also here at 7111 S. Tamiami were: Dover House Restaurant (mid-to-late 70's to early 80's), Adami's Restaurant (1981 to 1988), Pastel's, Jim's Steak House, Box Seat Bar and Grill, Sarasota Grill, Alfred E. Gators and Livingston's until moving in 2005. At right: Adami's Restaurant sign in 1981.
7119 (J) - Fish Market & Grill (since 2016) in Buccaneer Plaza used to be Better Bagels from about 1985 to 1996.  It then became Gastronomia Restaurant from 1996 to 1999 and Figaro's Pasta & Wine Bar at the start of year 2000. It was later G's Pizza & Wings.
7119 (L) - H Built Computers (since 2008, 2006 in this plaza) was originally a Carvel Ice Cream Store from the mid-to-late 80's.  It has also been Penn Treaty Insurance, Charad of Sarasota and Access USA.
7129 - Napulé Restaurant (since late 2017) was built at the location that used to be a Taco Bell (1982 to about 1996).  It was followed by Taste of Tokyo Restaurant, Amalfi's Restaurant and SweetFrog. Below: Taco Bell in 1982.
7204 - Personalized Fitness & Massage (since 1993) in Willow Oaks Shopping Center used to be Funtime Fashions from the late 60's to the early 90's.
7207 - Outback Steakhouse (since 1989) used to be a Texas Bill's restaurant (1982 to 1983) and Po Folks' Family Restaurant (1984 to 1987 or 88) before the original building was torn down and Outback was rebuilt in 2009.
7211 - Located next to Outback, Copenhagen Imports has operated here since August 1983. Also here from that time to about 1987 was Software City.
7221 - AMF Gulf Gate Lanes was called Galaxy Lanes when it opened in 1976 and for the next couple of decades.  It also featured the Astro Lounge.
7241 – Goodwill (since 1988) used to be Midway Groves fruit store (1975 to 1988). 
7250 - Culver's Restaurant (since 2015) was built on the location that was the long time home of  popular The Original Oyster Bar restaurant (pictured below) from 1961 to 2006 .

7253 - The Grasshopper Mexican Restaurant & Bar (since 2013) used to be the popular Shell's Seafood Restaurant (1986 to 2008).  In between, it was Stingray's and then Schuck's. Before Shell's from 1973 to 1985, the names of the restaurant included Bruno's Italian Restaurant, Genaro's Italian Restaurant (opened in 1975), Villa Del Roma (opened in 1977- later changed to Villa-A-Roma), Bavarian Lion (opened in 1978) and La Marsala (opened in 1981).
7275 – Mattison's Forty-One Restaurant & Catering (since 2007) used to be Lone Star Steakhouse (mid 90's to 2007). Other restaurants here included Black Angus (early to mid 70’s), Watermill (mid 70’s) and Grape Vine (1976 to 1982). At bottom left: Grape Vine RestaurantAt bottom right.  Lone Star Steakhouse sign in 1995.
7282 - Bead The Beads in Coral Cove Plaza started as Evergreen flowers and plants in early 1971 and then became an Ace Hardware store from 1972 to about 1994. C.C. Boots western wear opened here in 1995 and then Coral Cove Books from 1996 to 2004.  It was also later 1-800-Draperies and Florida Furniture Brokers.
7286 - Sarasota Grooming Company in Coral Cove Plaza used to be Patio Inn restaurant and tavern from 1972 to about 1984. It then became Tony's Bar and Grill from about 1986 to the late 90's.  In the 00's, it was Howlin' Wolf Restaurant and Cancun Mexican Restaurant and in the 2010's, Sirard's Chocolate House, Puppy's-R-Us and Coastal Keys Furniture.
7321 - Wilde Jaquar of Sarasota (since 1997) was the site of a Steak 'n Shake restaurant (with curbside service) from early 1976 until late 1986 or early 1987.  Other restaurants here between 1987 and 1997 after being rebuilt included Lacey's (opened in 1987), Tassotis Restaurant Italiano (opened in 1988), Tenderloins (1991 to 1993) and Texas Roadhouse (1994 to 1996).
7322 - The former Driving Expressions (1990 to 2015) used to be a convenience store (Short Stop in the early-to-mid 70's, Speedee Shop in the mid 70's and Farm Stores in the late 70's to early-to-mid 80's.  It was then The Garage Sale store in the mid 80's and Whitesides Appliances in the late 80's). Photo:
Driving Expressions in 1990.
7394 - Porter Paints (rebranded as PPG Paints in 2015) was at this location from 1977 until 2018.
7447 - Geier's Sausage Kitchen (since 1982) used to be the location for Par-T Miniature Golf & Game Room in the late 70's and early 80's.
7500 - Now a small plaza built in 2005 that includes Innovative Design Solutions, this used to be the home of the International King's Table Restaurant from September 1967 until changing to King's Bounty Restaurant in June 1973. At the start of 1976, it became The Cajun Club until the early 80's, then Sarasota Fish Company, Robin & Joel's Restaurant, Woody's BB-Q (1994 to 1997) and La Champagne Restaurant from 1998 to the early-to-mid 00's. Photo: Postcard of International King's Table Restaurant
7505 - Pinch-A-Penny (since the mid 00's) used to be a Quick Stop Food Store going back to about 1982 until close to the mid 00's.
7523 - Gentile Bros. Cheesesteaks & Hoagies (since 2012) in South Trail Plaza used to be Al's House of Pizza from the early-to-mid 80's until 1988.
7606 - Elegant Outdoor Living and Bayfront Piano (since 2016) used to be Stephens Furniture from 1985 to about the late 00's.  In between, it was Piano Distributors.
7620 - This started as Swanson Architects in 1979 and then became G & R Lawnmowers from about 1983 to the early 90's. Land of Sleep then expanded their store into this area.
7626 - Land of Sleep (since 1978) used to be Custom Metals from 1969 to 1972. It then became Coral Cove Carpets until 1977.
7660 - Waterfront Restaurant has operated at this location since the late 1982 to early 1983 time frame.
7690 - Hughes Exterminators (since about 2011) used to be a Self Service Shoe Store from 1975 to 1990 and National Shoe Liquidators until 1991. In between, it was House Of Golf and Pro Golf. Below: Self Service Shoe Store Grand Opening in 1975

7706 - This used to be Joe's Handi-Stop (Peanut Joe) in 1972 and 1973 before relocating to his well-known location at 4933 Fruitville Rd. Also here during this time was Your Chauffuer.
8195 - Hobby Lobby (since 2013) used to be a Kmart department store from March 1979 to 2008.
8197 - Pizza Hut (since 2003 or 2004) used to be Café LaChaumiere restaurant (pictured below) from 1979 to 1987. It was also Whisper Inn from 1988 to late 1993 or early 1994 and then Rick's Café.

8199 - Staples (since the mid 90's) used to be a Grand Union supermarket (1979-1984) before converting into Kash N 1984 and remained until a nearby store opened in Pelican Plaza in 1988. It was also a Workplace office supplies store in the early to mid 90's.  Photo: Grand Union in 1979. Below: Workplace (now Staples) in 1991.

8201 - The former Macy's at Westfield Sarasota Square Mall (2005 to 2017) used to be a Maas Brothers department store from the mall's opening in 1977 to 1991 before becoming Burdines and eventually Macy's after a short time as Burdines-Macy's.
8201 - J.C. Penney became the mall's second anchor just after the mall's opening in 1977 and is still there over 40 years later in 2019.
8201 - Sears Department Store opened in October 1979 as the mall's third anchor (along with Mass Brothers and JC Penney) after moving from what is now known as Midtown Plaza.  The store closed in 2017.
8201 - Costco at Westfield Sarasota Square Mall (since 2012) replaced Dillard's (1996 to late 2009) as the mall's fourth anchor.  Dillard's had replaced Parisian (1989 to early 1996). 
8201 (8) - The former Great American Cookie used to be Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream from 1977 to 1985, when it became Chocolate Chip Cookie Co.. It then became Merle Norman Cosmetics from 1988 into the 90's.
8201 (11) - The former Pacific Sunwear (1998 to 2017) used to be a Thom McAn shoe store from 1977 to about 1995.
8201 (12) - General Nutrition Centers (GNC) was at this location in the mall from 1977 to 2015.
8201 (15) - This used to be Big Apple clothing from 1977 to about 2006.
8201 (16) - The former FYE (closed in early 2019) used to be Camelot Music from 1977 to the early 00's.
8201 (17A) - This used to be Sarasota Square Six Theater from 1977 until 2006. It was called Sarasota Square Six West Theater beginning in late 1983 when a new six-screen free standing theater was built 300 feet east of the mall.  The two together were called Sarasota Square 12 Theater and both operated until a new 12-screen theater opened in the mall in 2006.
8201 (19) - This used to be Aladdin's Castle arcade from 1977 until becoming Dream Machine from about 1988 to the late 90's.
8201 (25) - This used to be The Chef's Basket and then Athens Cafe in the early 80's.  It then became Tastyburger from 1983 to 1985.  It was later Wig Fashions Salon until the early 90's.
8201 (25a) - At about the current location of Old Navy in the mall used to be Morrison's Cafeteria from 1977 to 1999, when it became Piccadilly Cafeteria.
8201 (31) - The former Regis Salon (from about 1985 to 2015) started as Tiffany's Bakeries from 1977 to about 1982.  In between, it was Chocolate Chip Cookie Co. until moving to a new location in the mall.
8201 (36) - This has been Kay Jewelers going all the way back to September 1977.
8201 (52) - The former Revive Salon in the mall used to be Mr. Dunderbak's German Restaurant from about 1978 to 1988.  It then became The Wunderbar Restaurant.  It has also been Trade Secret.
8201 (57) - This used to be Playland Toys from 1977 to about 1990.
8201 (62) - This used to be Hickory Farms from 1977 to about the early-to-mid 90's.
8201 (63) - This used to be Foxmoor Casuals from 1977 to 1989. It became Oak Tree clothing in the early 90's and was later Freeman's Luggage.
8201 (66) - This used to be Suzie's Casuals from 1977 to the early 90's when it became Mango Bay clothing. It was later Journey's Shoe Store until moving to a new location in the mall.
8214 - This used to be a Denny's Restaurant from 1984 to 2013 and torn down in 2016.
8302 - Located in Pelican Plaza in the mid-to-late 80's was O'Toole's Restaurant & Tavern.
8330 - Sprouts Farmers Market (since 2017) in Pelican Plaza is at the address that used to be Mr. Wong's Restaurant & Lounge in the plaza from the late 80's to early-to-mid 00's. Earlier, it was Anthony's Italian Restaurant Villa D'este, which opened in 1983.
8356 - Petco (since early 2015) is at the location of the rebuilt Pelican Plaza that used to be an LTM Party Store from 1997 to about 2012.
8372 - The former Sports Authority in Pelican Plaza (2014 to 2016) used to be a SuperX supermarket from April 1983 until converting to Florida Choice in 1986 through 1988.  It then became a Kash N Karry supermarket from 1988 to 1994 and Linens N Things shortly after until 2008.
Above: SuperX at Pelican Plaza in 1983Below:  Last days for Linens'N'Things in 2008 and Sports Authority in 2016.
8376 - This used to be Silverberg Jewelry in Pelican Plaza from about the late 80's until moving down the street in 1996. It later became Carchelle’s Custom Framing & Art Gallery in 1997.
8383 (111) - This location in the Square South Plaza has been a First Watch Restaurant since being built in 1986.
8389 - Jalisco Mexican Grill (since early 2018) was built as a Boston Market in the early to mid 90's, becoming J.Ryan's in early 1997 to 2014 (was Sammy Frog's for a few months in 2003).  It was later Southside Grill and The Coral House.
8394 - Starbucks Coffee (since 2016) was built on the site where a Checkers Drive-In Restaurant operated from the mid 90's until 2012.
8401 - Target Department Store has operated here at The Plaza at Palmer Ranch since 1991.
8409 - Publix Supermarket has operated here at The Plaza at Palmer Ranch since October 1991.
8539 - Domino's Pizza has operated here at The Plaza at Palmer Ranch since late 1991.
8546 - CVS Pharmacy opened as Eckerd Drug in March 1999 before being converted in 2004.
8599 – Haverty’s Furniture (since 2001) at The Plaza at Palmer Ranch used to be a Phar-Mor (1991 to 1993), then Roberd’s Furniture (1994 to 2000).
8700 -  Autoxotic used to be a Tire Kingdom that opened in 1991.
8770 - This used to be a Scotty's Hardware store from early 1987 until 2003.  The property was acquired by and is utilized today by Hudson's Furniture.

South Tuttle Avenue
3650 - The very popular Tas-T-O Donuts operated here in a small trailer in the Bee Ridge Shopping Center (now Tuttle Bee Plaza) from about 1970 to 1999.
3621 - USA Mini-Mart (since the mid 90's) used to be a U-Tote-M Food Store from the early-to-mid 60's to the mid 70's, becoming a Quickie Food Store until the early 80's. It was later George's Stop Wright and Honey's  Convenience Store.
3660 - Dollar Tree used to be Frank's Nursery & Crafts from the early 90's to late 2004 or early 2005. 
3680 - Office Max (since 1993) used to be part of the Zayre/Ames department store (see below) from 1969 to 1990.
3700 - TJ Maxx (since 1991) was a Zayre department store from 1969 to 1988, then converted to Ames from 1988 to 1990.  Below: Zayre department store in 1969.

3750 - The former Beall's Outlet (1990 to 2013) used to be SuperX Drugs from 1969 to the mid 80's. It then became a Rite Aid drug store until 1990. The store was also used as a temporary home for DeSears Appliances before closing its doors for good in 2016.
3809 - La Scarpetta Italian Restaurant (since December 2015) used to be Morel Restaurant from about 1995 to 2015.  It started as McClure's Office Equipment from the early-to-mid 70's to the early 80's.  After a short time as Inches Off exercise and bodywrap studio around 1982-1983, the inches may not have stayed off for long as it turned into a sandwich shop (Venetian, then Chicago South) for the rest of the decade.  From the early 90's to mid 90's, it was Le Grandgousier French Restaurant.
3810 - YouFit used to be a Kash N'Karry Supermarket from 1969 to 1993.  It later became Recreational Factory Warehouse in 1999 and Atlanta Fitness.
3824 - Dunkin Donuts (since 2015) was built at the location that used to be The Clubhouse Lounge from about the mid-to-late 80's to late 2009 and then becoming The Rusty Hook Tavern before being torn down in 2014.  Earlier business establishments here included Gary's Lounge and Package Store (early-to-mid 70's), Inn Place Lounge (mid 70's) and Shell City Liquors and Lounge (mid-to-late 70's to early-to-mid 80's).
3839 - Parisi Real Estate used to be Dairy Dome ice cream parlor from August 1974 to 1979.
3854 - Tasty Home Cookin' Restaurant used to be The Three Dutchman Restaurant from the early 70's to the mid-to-late 80's.  It later became Milano's Restaurant around 1990.

South Washington Boulevard
101 -  The Sarasota County Terrace Building used to be Sarasota Terrace Hotel from 1926 until shortly before becoming Sarasota Motor Hotel in early 1965.  The hotel was purchased by Sarasota County after it had closed in 1972 and later reopened after a long renovation process in October 1981 as the Sarasota County Administration Center.  The center would move to Ringling Blvd. in late 1995 and the building was then given its current name in 1996.
110 - The area now used for parking, this used to be a Margaret Ann (later converted to Kwik Chek) grocery store from March 1950 to 1969.
222 - Capstan Financial was built in 2015 in the area that used to be the location of Floyd's Texaco Service from the late 40's to the late 60's, when it became Richard's Texaco Service until the early 80's. Sparlings Texaco Service took over at that time and converted to Sparlings Exxon Service shortly after through the mid 80's.  After a period of vacancy. this would become Fruitland Market through most of the 90's before being torn down.
239 - Also now used for parking, this used to be the location of Land O'Sun Dairy (see below) from at least the 1940's until the mid 70's.
242 - The UPS Store used to be Jackson's Gulf Service Station from the late 40's to the mid 50's, when it became Fige's Gulf Service Station (later Al Fige's Service Center) until the mid 70's,  It then became Three O One Service Station (Gulf from the mid 70's to early-to-mid 80's then Phillips 66 until the late 80's). In the early 90's, this became Enterprise Rent-A-Car until about the late 00's.
300 - PPG Paints used to be Porter Paints for about 60 years before being rebranded (as were all stores in the chain) in 2016. Previously, Hollywood Beauty Shop was at this location from the early-to-mid 40's to the mid 50's .

317 - This used to be an A & W Root Beer Restaurant from 1955 to 1963. By late 1963, it became Mr. Pizza Restaurant (also see 323 below) until 1974 (known as Mr. Nikla's by that time), when it would briefly change to The Little Buddah Restaurant.
323 - A contractor's office, real estate office, insurance office and Gourmet Pantry Restaurant were among the businesses here from the mid 50's to the late 60's when it became the dining room for Mr. Pizza (later Mr. Nikla's) until about 1974.  From the mid 70's to late 70's, it became Rose's Game Room and then Nashville South restaurant & lounge.  It would then become Beck's Place restaurant & lounge until about the late 80's before turning into Score Board restaurant & lounge until being torn down by the late 00's.
500 -   A large office complex sits next to the area where a very popular walk-up Dairy Queen (pictured below) operated from about 1950 until July 30, 2006. 

526 - The office complex mentioned above now occupies the area that used to be McKown's Food Market from July 1947 (moved from 444 Main St.) to the late 70's.  It then became Sarasota Beauty School in the early 80's (until the early-to-mid 90's), Casa del Sol Mexican Art Furnishings in 1997 and Personalized Fitness in about 2002.  Photo: McKown's Food Market and Dairy Queen sign from 1958.

544 - American Momentum Bank used to be The Nautilus Shell Shop (see photo) from the late 40's to the mid-to-late 60's before becoming Montville's Appliances from the late 60's to mid 70's.  It was then turned into a restaurant (Anthony's and later Alexander's) before converting to a bank (Central National) in the mid 80's. It later became Liberty Savings Bank in the mid-to-late 90's and Landmark Bank in 2003.
616 - Before being torn down, this used to be Gateway Motel from 1955 (see below) to about 1983.  It had previously been Ritz Court Motel from 1948 to 1955.
638 -  Before being torn down, this used to be A's Giant Sandwiches from about 1975 to 1983. This was earlier the location of Risser's Health Food Shop from the late 50's to the late 60's.
660 - Waffle Stop used to be Waffle Shop from about 1953 to 1992 before moving to the Ringling Shopping Plaza. The restaurant is still famous for being the breakfast stop of Elvis Presley in February 1956, while he was in town performing at the Florida Theater.

State Street (was Sixth Street until 1953)
1400 - This used to be Tucker's Sporting Goods (moved from Main St.) from 1953 to the early-to-mid 90's.  By 1996, it became a multi-tenant office building called The Huntington, including Huntington Trust.
1517 - Rebuilt into a three-story office complex in 2004, this used to be Standard Auto Parts from August 1942 (also moved here from Main St.) to the late 70's. During the 80's, it went under a few different names (Motor Units, Motor Parts & Supplies and Standard Auto Machines).  It later became State Street Gallery during the 90's and then State Room into the early 00's.
1525 - State of the Arts Gallery (since the mid 00's) used to be Draper's Western Store from 1954 all the way until moving to Clark Rd. in 2003.
1537 - State Street Eating House & Cocktails at 1533 (and also what was 1537) State St. used to be Sarasota Cycle and Key Shop beginning in 1951 and then changed to Sarasota Lock and Key Shop in 1969 until 2004.
1542 - This used to be Adams & Houser Hardware and Supply from about November 1948 (moved from Main St.) to the early-to-mid 90's.  The area was used for parking after being torn down and a parking garage was later built in the mid 2010's.
1581 - The area now used for parking, this used to be Mather of Sarasota Furniture (moved from Main St.) from January 1943 to the mid 70's after moving from Main Street.

Stickney Point Road  (called Old Stickney Point Rd. from street numbers 1200 to 1316).
1200 - Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar (since 1981 after two years at 8865 Midnight Pass Rd.) used to be Ben's Pizza Café in the late 70's and Brigadoon Restaurant in the early 80's.
1204 - The former Granny's Corner Café used to be Chidori Japanese Restaurant from October 1959 until 1966. It then became Drift In Restaurant from June 1967 to 1971. A few different businesses were here from 1972 to the rest of the decade, including Woody's Deli-Cat (also listed as Crescent Beach Delicatessen), Dixie Lee's Fried Chicken & Seafood and Renaissance Charm Restaurant & Bakery, before becoming Dragon Chinese Restaurant from January 1979 through the 90's.
1231 - This used to be Pizza Kitchen from 1964 to 1973.  Before that, it was briefly Chateau Restaurant in 1963.
1256 - Clayton's Siesta Grille used to be Banquet On A Bun Restaurant from 1964 to about 1974, when it became Siesta Café until the early 80's.  It was next Harbour Lights Oyster Bar (early-to-mid 80's), Donovan's Reef Restaurant (mid-to-late 80's into the 90's) and then H.G. Roosters by the mid 90's. In 2004, it became Mattison's Siesta Grille until changing to its current name in 2007.
1500 - Boatyard Waterfront Bar and Grill (since 2010) used to be Coasters of Sarasota (later Coasters At The Southbridge) from 1988 to 2010.  It started as Black Pearl Restaurant in 1984, becoming Aldo's Black Pearl Restaurant by 1985 and then called Southport Restaurant in 1987.
1536 - Siesta Key Parasail & Jet Ski used to be Lighthouse Creamery and then Charlie's Lighthouse, both in the 80's. Photo: Lighthouse Creamery.
1894 - Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill (since late 2017) used to be Stonewood Grill & Tavern from 2004 to 2017.
1930 - Earth Origins Market (since about 2012) used to be The Granary from about 1986 to 2012.  Prior to that, it was a Jewel T discount supermarket from 1980 to the mid 80's. At least part of Jewel T had been a Food Fair (October 1958 to 1969), then Pantry Pride (1969 to 1979) supermarket.
1940 - Carrabba's Italian Grill (since early 1997) used to be the Trolley Station restaurant from 1980 to 1996.
2027 - This used to be Via's Bar from 1959 until a name change to Golden Anchor from 1986 to 1990.  It was then called The Crazy Fox until being torn down to make way for Walgreens Pharmacy in early 1995. Photo: Via's Bar at it's new location in December 1959 after moving next door from 6499 So. Tamiami Tr..
2103 - Torn down by the mid 90's, this used to be a Domino's Pizza from about 1984 to 1990. Earlier, it was Ray's Pastry Shop (early 60's), Long's Shoe Repair (mid 60's to early 70's), Pine Shores TV (early 70's to early 80's) and Hutchinson TV (early-to-mid 80's).
2121 - Firestone Complete Car Care Center (since 1988) used to be the location of Orange State Lumber in the 50's until the late 70's. In between, it was Florida State Lumber and Custom Fence.
2131 - An empty lot next to Firestone since the late 90's, this used to be Gulf Gate Enco (changed to Exxon in 1972) from the late 60's to about 1984.  Prior to that, it had been Plaza Esso starting about 1962 and then Olin's Enco.  From the late 80's to the early-to-mid 90's, this was Gulf Gate Farm Market. Below: Enco station at 2131 Stickney Point Rd.

2480 - The former Jimmy John's (2015 to 2018) used to be a Dunkin Donuts store (opened in early 2007).  In between, it was a We Buy Gold store.  Previously, a Texaco service station was here from the 60's until the early 00's.  Photo: A new prototype Dunkin Donuts is under construction at 2480 Stickney Point Rd. in October 2006 while the sign from the former Texaco station is still standing
2716 - The Cellular Phone Hospital used to be a Pizza Hut Delivery store from about 1986 before becoming Patellini's Pizza in 1997.

Superior Avenue
6640 - Seperior 24-Hour Laundromat opened as Holly Polly Laundry and Dry Cleaning in April 1963. It became Clean Spot Laundromat later in the decade and would continue to operate under that name for over 40 years.
6690 - Monk's Steamer Bar (since 2001) used to be a 7-Eleven convenience store from about the early-to-mid 60's to the mid-to-late 70's.  It then became The Flower & Wine Cart until the early 90's.  The Sidestreet Peppermint Lounge was here after that.

Swift Road
4401 - Swift Auto Repair opened in February 1955 as Swift Road Service Station selling Standard Oil products and continued until the 70's when it became Wilson American (later Amoco).  Before becoming strictly an auto repair shop, it was also Swift Road Amoco in the early 80's.  Below: Swift Road Service Station in 1955 and the same building in 2017.
4783 - Simply Gourmet Catering used to be Pizza Pronto, which opened in January 1984.  It would then become Domino's Pizza in 1987, Lola's Empanada's in 1992 and Just Desserts later in the 90's.
5666 - Hot Diggity Dog Restaurant opened in January 1971 and is still here today.

Webber Street
3515 - Farm Stores Convenience Store (since the early-to-mid 80's) was Farm and Garden Supply Store in the early 80's.
3527 - The Eight-Ball Lounge (since July 1974) used to be Art's Seafood Market (opened in March 1973), and then Jennie's Steak & Hoagie and Fabiano's Sandwich Shop.
3591 - Goodwill Industries (since 1992) used to be a Lil' General food store (mid-to-late 60's to 1984), then Circle K (1984 to 1992).
3602 - The Lazy Parrot Patio Bar & Grill (since May 2018) used to be a bank that was built in 1979 as First Independent Bank. It later became First National Bank of Florida, First Florida Bank (mid 80's to 1993) and GTE Credit Union (mid 90's to about 2010).
3630 - After a couple of years as A Breath of Spring Florist, this was most notably The Little Godfather Italian Restaurant from 1978 until the late 80's.
3635 - This started as Yoder's Market in 1969, changing to Forest Lakes Market in 1972.  It then became The Butcher's Block in 1979, then Meat Cleaver, Herman's Meats and Mama's Restaurant (mid 80's to late 80's) before becoming Minerva's House of Pizza in 1989 until about the early-to-mid 90's.
3644 - Family Pharmacy has been in operation since January 1975 (listed at 3650 Webber until 1977).  Below: Early photo of Family Pharmacy.
3676 - Champion's Pub used to be Oasis Restaurant from 1979 to 1989 and then became Tudor Rose Restaurant in 1993. In the 70's, this was Forest Lakes Italian and American Restaurant and even earlier in the late 60's, it was Big John's Pizza Restaurant.
3688 -  Bushido Izayaki Japanese Restaurant (opened in November 2018) used to be Nellie's Deli from 1982 until 2009 (moved to 15 S. Beneva Rd).


Lost Ads
Here are advertisements from some of the interesting and intriguing business establishments of years gone by in Sarasota.

Lost Ads Of Sarasota

Warwick, RI

It's a long way from Sarasota, but here is a similar site showing how it used to be in Warwick, RI.

What It Used To Be In Warwick, RI

Other Sarasota Pages:

Some of you may have found this blog through posts (thanks Cathleen and Ray!) from either the "If you grew up in Sarasota, FL...then you remember" or "I Remember Sarasota" groups.  While this page is just a listing of where and when some of the many Sarasota business establishments operated for reference and to help answer some questions, the group pages are just full of so much history and memories about these establishments and a whole lot more.  The search function on these pages is fantastic to find posts about a particular subject or business establishment.

How this page started:

The group pages mentioned above, along with the old Sarasota newspapers included in the Google newspaper archives had already sparked my interest in restaurants. stores, gas stations, etc. that used to be in Sarasota years ago.  But it was 70 seconds of a YouTube video filmed in April 1989 that inspired me to visit the Sarasota History Center in 2014 to research the Sarasota 1989 street directory to find out the names of all the long-lost business establishments that appear in a small stretch of So. Tamiami Trail in the video.  I was then hooked and spent many lunch hours over the next four years at the history center researching over 60 years of Sarasota street directories and phone books.  After using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of what used to be at each address by year , I thought of posting a blog so that the research could be used by others for reference.  Then after almost two years of starting it and not getting very far, it finally started to come together in June 2017 and was first posted with 150 entries. It is now up to over 700 entries with more updates on the way.

Here is the link to the video that helped to inspire the writing of this blog.   The drive-through of a portion of So. Tamiami Trail begins at about 2:35 in the video.  Special thanks to the person who posted it!

Drive around Sarasota in 1989


  1. This is an awesome page. I love history and hate to see them tear down beautiful works of architecture just to build a very temporary building with no character as the ones of old had. Thanks soooo much for this walk down memory lane!

  2. Needs some tweaking----Dixie Lees was originally on the corner of Bee Ridge/41, sold to Walgreens and built where those offices are now. Package, and was it Stork Club? It was bar/package. Didn't see A's, but may have missed it. No mention of Via's Bar or Johnny's Restaurant/Bar, the Old Oaks US 41 and Stickney, used to be Royal Castle--

    Captain Curts used to be a hotel, same as Blase Cafe property---don't remember the names.

    1. OK, you covered A's, and Royal Castle--Stickney/41, Oaks and now expanded/covered up by roadway

  3. Ann amazing labor of love! I did not see Buchman Motors on the North Trail (Broadway!) just north of the Broadway Bar, best as I recall. (Almost? It's been a long time!) definitely south of 11th. Just to pick nits, Lowe's Boatyard had its access on the NT, I suspect that was its mailing address. Also, there was a place where the small commercial fishermen moored, Smitty's was at the SW juncture of the NT and Whitaker Bayou. I have fond memories of watching those hard working men motoring out of the bayou at night, red starboard running lights on, from our house on Whitaker Bayou.

  4. The Stakenborg Art gallery at 1545 Main street used to be Jules surplus store. My mother bought a gun there in March 1954. I mention this in my book The Housewife Loved A Bandit. Chris Stakenborg has a copy of the book. More about Sarasota's past

  5. Great article and thanks for your work.You made an article that is interesting. Thanks

  6. Really fantastic.
    I know this represents a ton of research.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work. :-)
    Rex Carr, Alexandria, VA

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  9. Wow! This was so great to read...really. I lived on Higel Ave on Siesta Key from 1973 until my parents died in 1988 and 1992. I remember all these places, especially all of the stores when Sarasota Square was first built. Now in 2019, I live in Cape Coral FL but get to Sarasota once every few months. It's good to see growth and changes but so very sad to seey old favorite places long gone. But I read every word of this and it was like taking a tour of the city and seeing before and after scenes of what once was and what now is. So thanks for the wonderful mrmories, and a few nostalgic tears. I can add some things to this list of addresses even though the exact dates are do I do so? Contact me please. James Aldrich. 239-237-8600. Or Thank you.

    1. James, thanks for the wonderful comments on the site. Anything that can be added is most welcome. Email me at .

  10. Hi, I have wondered for years why there are no pictures online of the former Gulf Gate Mall, torn down in like 1998. I used to work there as an usher at the cinema. I only see one obscure picture here. It’s as if it was never there.

    1. That's true, there are very few (I found just one on a Google Image search), but you could say that about most malls, plazas and stores that existed before IPhones, IPads, etc, as well as the internet. Unlike today, when most people have their IPhones with them and can take unlimited photos, not many shoppers brought their cameras with them back then and also did not realize the nostalgic value that these places would one day have. And much of that has been brought out by the many nostalgic sites on the internet, which also did not exist then. I would have taken many more myself if I had known how popular these photos would have become many years later.


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